Although I am based in the UK at the moment, I am looking for ‘remote’ work in keeping with what I usually do which is working with small and medium-sized businesses on a freelance basis.

This is with a view to relocating to either Cyprus, France, Spain or Italy in the next three months. I am on Skype - and can therefore contact anywhere in the world at very low cost - and have a high-speed Broadband connection.

I can help with all areas of telemarketing for your business – whether it is appointment-making, lead generation, database cleaning or promotional calls –or on the direct marketing side with mailshots, email campaigns etc.

I can also offer business advice from planning to implementation, making suggestions for changes that benefit big & small companies alike.

So if you are an Expat and run a good business, you can get overloaded with work that you may want to pass over. In this way, I can offer you support whenever you require additional resources at short notice - without you having to approach ‘official’ marketing companies who may charge very high fees.

I have over 45 years' experience in telesales, marketing and sales for both SMEs and major corporations.

I am highly motivated and self-disciplined - having the ability to work on my own initiative from my home office in a very quiet environment - and am available to start immediately.

If there is any way I can be of assistance to you, please do get in touch with me. I’m always happy to negotiate a very affordable fee for the work, and assure you of absolute confidentiality.