I work for a company called True North Productions and we are looking for people to take part in a new TV series for Channel 4. We need people who are seeking to leave their job and buy a business. They must have the will and the money – we can help with the business search and help them establish what fits their needs and wants. We aren’t seeking to supplant their existing advisers. Please find basic info below:-

Do you want to leave your job, sell up and buy your own business? !

True North Productions are making a new primetime series called ‘Compare your Life,’ in which families can get expert help with the business buying decision making process.

In the series, they take families who are fed up their jobs and quality of life and who would love to be their own boss, but who are confused and overwhelmed with the options.

The team of experts assess each family’s finances to find out how much they can afford to invest in their new life, and help them evaluate their priorities. They then scour the country to find real business and life plans that match their budget and dreams.
Each family is presented with the best four options, to help them to decide their future.
They would love to hear from families who:

  • are fed up with their current situation and are wanting a better quality of life;
  • are thinking seriously about buying/starting a business;
  • are thinking seriously about relocating to do so;
  • may have started to do their research but are still undecided and could benefit from a team taking over the search;
  • have the money to finance it. While True North’s team carry out the research into the businesses and provide advice, they are not funding the business move.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then please contact True North productions for more information at compareyourlife@truenorth.tv