Did you know that there are some hospitals in Spain that offer both public and private healthcare? If you are admitted to hospital, you should try to check if the hospital is public or private. Also, do not assume an ambulance has taken you to a state-run facility, even if it has been called by a hotel or holiday rep. If the hospital does offer both public and private healthcare you must tell them which one you want to be treated under. Before signing any forms, check that you are not forfeiting the right to be treated under the EHIC. Similarly, if you are offered services over and above what may be considered normal, such as a private room or a translator, it is also possible that this may be due to being treated as a private patient. The EHIC does not cover you for private medical healthcare or repatriation back to the UK. For further information on what your EHIC rights are, visit our Healthcare Teamīs website