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    Thread: Repatriation of parents

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      Repatriation of parents

      Hi everyone

      My Mum and stepfather are facing repatriation because of my stepfather's failing health.
      Has anyone faced anything similar? Or have any advice?

      It is a traumatic time for them, and the rest of the family, as they will have to wind up affairs in Spain to have a near pleasant rest of retirement in the UK, which will be difficult.

      Sorry that this sounds like a sob story, I'm trying to gather as much info as I can to help.

      Thanks for being here


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      Hi Suzanne,
      I've not heard of this before so I can't give any advice - sorry to hear about it though. Hopefully someone on the forum will be able to help.
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      So sorry to hear about this Suzanne, it must be very traumatic for you all
      Wish i could offer some advice but i really dont know anything about this sort of thing
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      Andy Chapman
      Hi Suzanne, iv'e had a long search and iv'e come up with this link, hope it helps and i'm not too late.


      Good Luck


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      Florida Redhead
      Quote Originally Posted by Andy Chapman View Post
      Hi Suzanne, iv'e had a long search and iv'e come up with this link, hope it helps and i'm not too late. Andy
      I don't think that link is what Suzanne is looking for, as her parents are still alive.
      "Repatriation" can mean either moving back to your native land, or the removal of remains back for burial. Key Air only deal with the latter.

      This is something everyone should think about very carefully before they move to another country.
      It is exciting to move to the sunshine and a different lifestyle while you are young enough to enjoy it, but as we grow older, problems of aging and health are more likely.
      We should make contingency plans for all eventualities while we can think straight, and keep next-of-kin informed.
      Accidents / severe illness / dementia / final arrangements are all scary enough in your homeland, but overseas can be much more so.