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      Spain Greece Cyprus - How to choose? (Work / property questions for a single UK lady)


      I'm new here, and although I've read an awful lot from other posters (on other forums) I still have questions - I have put this post on another forum, but although lots have read it, no one has replied (boo hoo)

      I'm hoping you kind folks can share your knowledge and guide me please!

      Hmmmm, where to start!
      Well I definately hope to move abroad next year (once my house is sold) but I'm not sure where. I will be doing this totally on my own so it's a very daunting aspect. (Well, my two cats will be making the move too)

      I will be making future employment my main focus for now, as without that, I won't be able to pay the bills! I feel either Spain, Cyprus or Greece (coastal-ish areas are the places I would definately consider)

      Here's the downside - I will only be moving abroad with around 75,000 after my moving expenses are taken care of
      I plan to rent for the first 6 months or so, making sure that I am happy where I am before buying.
      Firstly, and thinking of the future, do you think I would find a two bed property, hopefully with a small garden for that amount anywhere? I would be happy to be situated within a 10-15 mins drive of a coastline, and would like to live wherever there is a good community spirit :-)

      I suppose I am asking an awful lot for the money I will have available, but I can hope!

      I'm 42 this xmas, and I hope that I would still be employable! I am happy to learn the country language for wherever I move to, so that my chances of getting work are improved a little.

      My work experience so far has been:

      Foster parent (5 yrs exp)
      Support officer for vulnerable young people / adults (2.5 yrs exp)
      General retail work (many yrs exp)
      Worked in wine bars / nightclubs (8 yrs ago)

      I also possess BIIAB Door Supervisor certificates (necessary for security guard and / or club 'bouncer' work in the UK)

      I would be keen to teach english as a foreign / second language, and gain TEFL / TESOL certification, but I don't have a degree behind me and forum views are divided on whether the degree is an absolute necessary.

      So, to summarise:
      I need to go where there are properties within my price range, available work throughout the year (taking my experience into account) in an expat friendly place :-)
      (p.s. - Do many of the Cypriots resent ex-pats? I have read some real horror stories from other posters on other sites)

      Many many thanks for any advice you can offer :v_SPIN:

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      Hi Sheena

      Thanks for the welcome and reply :-)

      I will take a peek at those links, but I honestly can't decide where is best for me to go!

      I will move to any of the above places, so long as there are properties I can afford, and where there will be work I can do to cover my food and bills.

      Trouble is, there are so many different opinions out there, and I can't afford to visit each country touring the resorts :-(

      After browsing on the net today, it seems that I could get a one or two bed place for my money (nowt grand, but to be mortgage free would be heaven!) but I just can't work out where the cost of living is the cheapest (well apart from Northern Cyprus, but buying there sounds an absolute nightmare - even considering properties built pre 1974)

      I'll keep reading the boards in the meanwhile, and do as much researching as I can (esp regarding the T.E.F.L. enquiry)

      Thanks again!

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to B A Tara & well done Sheena once again coming up with the goods.

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      The Grocer
      Hi there,

      We had a similar debate in our house.....settled on GREECE (mainland in the Peloponnese).

      Prices of property are where France and Spain were 10 years or more ago, and its just soooo quiet. If you are looking for laid back life, great beaches check it out...Best areas, Koroni / Pylos / Messinia / Stoupa etc.

      Good luck

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      Welcome Tara and Grocer,
      sounds like greece would be a good place to look Tara

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      Hi Tara! im new here myself... I cant beleive what a similar criteria you have to mine! I am also 42 in december and am looking at moving abroad myself, was looking at moving to spain, portugal.. but other places considered! I have a 21 year daughter who has now flown the nest, and feel its time for me to start afresh somewhere new! (in a sunny climate) I currently have a good job here back home with the local transport authority, (although still determent to move abroad!) with the sale of my home I will have around 90k to take with me. I was thinking of starting my own business rather than seek emplyment as I dont think the pay over there is that great! would be nice to exchange thoughts... Cheers! Nicola x

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      Andy Chapman
      Hi Nicola & welcome to B-A, as it's an old thread going back to last year it may be worth sending Tara a PM or email and hope she responds.

      Anyway Good Luck


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      Try website "property on Crete" We live in north east Crete in a lovely village. There are a number of beautiful villages along the north east coast.
      We had n outstanding Lawyer if you do decide i can pass on her name.
      We have the fantastic view of Mochlos Bay. The Cretan people are great and have been very good to us.
      All the best

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      Lumber Joe
      Yeah, Greece seems just fine