House for sale? Wishing to Go Back to the UK? Want to return "home"?
Join our Facebook group "Going Back to the UK", the very first of its kind for members on Facebook. Many have taken the leap to move to France but now want to return back to the UK for numerous reasons ie missing family and grandchildren, ailing parents, failing health and wanting to be nearer to family, the bureaucracy, home and land too big to manage now, etc etc. Speak with like-minded people and share informative posts on our group

GREAT NEWS too .....If you have a website made for your property for sale we will gladly place it on our group Homelink Sales in France & Spain which has already gained 2 sales since it was launched.
What people are saying about us:

"Going Back to the UK is perfect for anyone planning to sell up and go back to the UK. The information given just about covers everything an expat needs to know but also about going back and getting back into the British way of doing things"

"This is a fantastic group. The members are so supportive of each other and an abundance of information is available for those who wish to go back to the UK. Highly recommended".

"Brilliant group, made many new friends and received lots of useful advice and information from various discussions on line. Really useful to those thinking of returning home. Great support offered from a friendly bunch of like-minded people"

Because we are a popular friendly group members asked us for more ways to join in whilst waiting for their house sales and therefore if you become an active member of our main page you are most welcome to join our club groups of Hobby Share, Recipe Share, Book Club, The Lounge and we even have a Conference Room for everything debateable!