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      Thinking of living and working in Malta... Please help!?


      I have just received a job offer to work in Mosta in Malta. I need to gather info to make an informed and sensible decision, as I have other opportunities available to me and need tobe sure I make the right choice!

      First of all I need to ensure the offer is suitable in terms of averages and cost of living. It is E20,000 plus a modest accommodation allowance of E2,640. Now this is a big drop from what I have been earning in the UK, but is this fair; the job is technical and I have a PhD.

      Next is taxes. What are the taxes like and what should be expected as a take home from the above?

      Also, my partner will be joining me, so we need to be sure that she would be able to work. She is a highly experienced secondary school English teacher in the UK, would there be opportunities for her, and what could she be expected to earn? I have heard there is a big industry in English as a foreign language, but she doesn't have a TEFL certificate or anything...

      I don't need to ask about what it is like to live there, as I have gpt a good feeling for the place over my few days here...

      Your help is very much appreciated!

      Thank you,


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      Welcome to britsabroad, Jack.

      Hope that someone wil give you the answers you need :)

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      Hi, Welcome to the site.
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