[quote=Tim;5436]You lost me after the first line. :goofy: As you say most folk are multilingual in Europe and speak at least two languages. It does put the UK miles behind when it comes to having to learn another language. I do still remember at school being able to to a language for a few years and then drop it. Personally I reckon kids should have a second language skill till they leave

Hi Tim,

Sorry about the technical 'stuff'. I took the ' Modern Languages stream 'when I was in Grammar School in England, eons ago French, Latin, and German , along with Science and Math. etc. I kept up the languages when I was in university, including going to night classes afterwards. It proved very valuable because it enabled me to get and retain a teaching position at a time when redundancy was rampant and I was low on the seniority list . For the last 20 yrs. of my career I taught French .
Naturally, French and German were very useful when travelling within Europe and as a common bond when meeting people whose language I did not know and who did not speak English. So I would agree with you that some useable knowledge of a foreign language is desirable, especially within the EU.