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    Thread: UK's 10 most costly benefits

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      UK's 10 most costly benefits

      With the benefits system requiring a bigger budget than almost any other area of government, reform is key to plans to cut the UK's deficit.
      The government is considering replacing dozens of benefits and tax credits paid to those out of work or on low wages with a single payment or "universal credit".

      Prime Minister David Cameron says only the state pension would definitely be protected.

      I have to admit when you look at all the benefits out there that the UK offers I find it very upsetting how British pensioners are getting such a small amount. These are people who will have worked hard all their life and we should be looking after them.
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      I agree, i was reading an article (can't remember where) and the amount of money that gets wasted is criminal. The public sector is now being addressed but foreign aid still needs looking at and stupid grants to stupid organisations like ethnic one legged lesbian dwarfs and such is a joke. Hopefully and in time Dave will be able to repair the mess Tony and his cronies made.
      Bit more on topic, I'm thinking the tax credit is more of a subsidy than a benefit, to get people working that may have previously been better off on the dole?
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      it happens a lot everywhere in the world...