Watched some time ago Great Escapers tv series. British expats moved to Spain " to make some money in the sun". By all means, there is nothing wrong with that.

But, when Brits arrive here for serving only other Brits, that is a bit strange. Some expats have no idea of Spanish culture, Spanish habits or way of life. And of course, not a single word of Spanish language has been learned before arriving here.

In Great Escapers, one British couple opened a restaurant in Spain. During the opening night, the British lady, after serving customers, looked very scared asking her husband: " Somebody said to me Hola. What on earth does it mean?" After the opening night, the couple were still asking themselves, why don't locals come to their restaurant, why they don't like us... Maybe a look at the mirror would have bern helpful?

First, you should learn something about local life in Spain and then try to respect our normal daily life. Not to come here as conquerors and only thing to do is " to make some money in the sun".