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      Beijing International Schools

      Below is a list of international schools in Beijing and the costs involved.

      3e International School

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 4 (Year 5)
      Tuition: ¥93,800 to ¥150,700
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      A dual-immersion school focused on getting children speaking both English and Mandarin Chinese, half of the day's classes at 3e are offered in English, and the other half in Chinese. 3e employs a curriculum aimed at exploratory learning, with emphasis on learning through play and a balance of self-directed and instructor-directed activities.

      Address: 9-1 Jiangtai Xi Lu, Lido, Chaoyang District
      Telephone: +86 10 6437 3344
      Website: http://www.3einternationalschool.org/
      Email: admissions@3einternationalschool.org

      Australian International School Beijing (AISB)

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥112,700 to ¥132,700
      Language(s): English
      AISB first opened its doors in 2004. It's situated outside the main expatriate areas of Shunyi and Chaoyang, and shares its campus with the National Institute of Technology, Beijing (NIT); China-Australia English School (a language learning school for both Chinese and expatriates); and Beijing International School (BIS) - not to be confused with BISS, the better known Singaporean branch school. AISB follows the Australian school year, from January to December.

      Address: 7 Louzizhuang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100018
      Telephone: +86 10 8439 4315
      Website: http://www.aisb.com.cn/
      Email: enquiries@aisb.cn

      Beijing City International School (BCIS)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥139,230 to ¥216,930
      Language(s): English
      Right in the middle of Shuangjing and practically right next to the Ping Guo (Apple) Community and other residential complexes popular among expatriates, BCIS has been in operation since 2005 and boasts a number of state-of-the-art features, small classroom sizes (with 20-student maximums), and mandatory Mandarin classes for students up to Grade 6. BCIS is one of the city's most popular international schools, and typically has long waiting lists to get in - so make sure you apply early.

      Address: 77号 Baiziwan South 2nd Road Chaoyang District
      Telephone: +86 10 8771 7171
      Website: http://www.bcis.cn/
      Email: admissions@bcis.cn

      Beijing Huijia Private (IB) School

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥70,000 to ¥90,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      A boarding school located in Changping District north northwest of Beijing, Huijia is home to over 2,500 students from 28 countries, and a staff and faculty of over 500 members. The school features an English IB program for students who will attend university abroad, and a Chinese-language Chinese national programfor students who will continue their education in China.
      Students wishing to pursue the Chinese curriculum not fluent in Chinese will take an intensive Chinese-language course. The Huijia campus boasts a swimming pool, basketball court, science labs, piano studios, gymnasium, and a golf course.

      Address: 157 Changhuai Lu, Changping Yuan, Changping District
      Telephone: +86 4008 89 1993
      Website: http://www.huijia2000.com/
      Email: hjinternational@263.net

      Beanstalk International Bilingual School (BIBS)

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥130,000 to ¥165,000
      Language(s): English
      A rapidly growing and expanding branch of schools that began as a one campus kindergarten and is now a four-campus K-12, Beanstalk features small class sizes not exceeding 22 students per room, a variety of locations throughout Beijing, and a range of amenities including science and art buildings, computer labs, and a library and music room at its middle and high school campus. Classes are taught primarily in English.

      Address: No.6 North Road of East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District (Grades 1-5)
      Telephone: +86 10 5130 7951
      Website: http://www.bibs.com.cn/
      Email: office@bibs.com.cn

      Beijing BISS International School

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥120,800 to ¥216,500
      Language(s): English
      One of the older international schools in Beijing, BISS was established in the city in 1994. The BISS acronym stands for "Beijing International School Singapore," named after its older sister school, Singapore's ISS. BISS was launched to serve the expatriate community in Beijing, with attendance of over 400 students from 40 different countries. Its campus features more than 30 classrooms; science, design, and technology labs; art, drama, and music studios; a running track; football / basketball / volleyball / hockey courts; and more.

      In addition to English-language instruction, BISS offers instruction in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to students speaking those languages as their mother tongues under its Mother Tongue Programmes, as well as Chinese- and Spanish-as-a-second-language courses for students.

      Address: No. 17, Area 4, An Zhen Xi Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029
      Telephone: +86 10 6443 3151
      Website: http://www.biss.com.cn/
      Email: admissions@biss.com.cn

      Beijing New Talent Academy (BJNTA)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥60,000 to ¥120,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      With 1900 students (200 of them international), BJNTA built a new campus to call home in 2008 and conducts classes in Chinese and English. In addition to its normal curriculum, BJNTA also offers instruction through the Cambridge International Centre, as well as through its Chinese Language Centre, an attachment of the International Department.

      Address: 9 Anhua Street, Shunyi District, Beijing 101300
      Telephone: +86 10 8041 3036
      Website: http://www.bjnewtalent.com/
      Email: hyzx@bjnewtalent.com

      Beijing Rego British School (BRBS)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥130,000 to ¥202,000
      Language(s): English
      The third location to be opened in a line of schools with branches in Tianjin (opened in 2000) and Shanghai (opened in 2003), BRBS first opened its doors in Shunyi for school year 2011 to 2012. The school follows a British national curriculum, with students of all age groups receiving classes in Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture. A variety of sports activities are available for students, including, in addition to the more usual sports, water polo, fencing, sailing, rugby, cricket, and scuba.

      Address: No 15 Liyuan Street, Tian Zhu County, Shunyi District, Beijing 101312
      Telephone: +86 10 8416 7718
      Website: http://www.bjrego.org/
      Email: neil.macfarlane@bjrego.org

      Beijing World Youth Academy (BWYA)

      Grades: Grade 4 (Year 5) through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥110,000 to ¥170,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      BWYA began life in 2001 as a small International Baccalaureat program school, and has since expanded to include an IB middle school program, a bilingual middle school program, and a Chinese high school program, offering a variety of educational paths to both middle and high school students. Features an arts room, design space, wood-working shop, library, science labs, athletic facilities, and a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

      Address: No. 18 Huajiadi Beili, Chaoyang District, 100102
      Telephone: +86 10 8454 3478
      Website: http://www.ibwya.net/
      Email: admissions@ibwya.net

      The British School of Beijing (BSB)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥98,089 to ¥234,430
      Language(s): English
      The British School of Beijing, with two branches in the city, one in Shunyi, one in Sanlitun, is a part of Nord Anglia Education, one of the leading international school operators around the globe, with 14 different schools in various countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Education follows a British curriculum, and a strong emphasis is placed on values and manners as well. The Sanlitun branch instructs children from nursery or pre-kindergarten through primary school (ages 2 to 11), while the Shunyi branch instructs from early years through Grade 12 (Sixth Form), and accepts children from 12 months all the way to 18 years.

      Address: South Side, No.9 An Hua Street, Shunyi District, Beijing 101318 (Shunyi)
      Telephone: +86 10 8047 3588 (Shunyi)
      Website: http://www.britishschool.org.cn
      Email: admissions@britishschool.org.cn

      Canadian International School (CIS)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥76,600 to ¥179,800
      Language(s): English
      CIS follows a Canadian education curriculum, using a SMART Board lesson plan that places emphasis on interactive learning utilizing technology and the Internet in-classroom. CIS is home to 1700 students from over 50 countries, and has two campuses, on in central Chaoyang District, and the other in Shunyi.

      Address: 38 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100125
      Telephone: +86 10 6465 7788
      Website: http://www.cisb.com.cn/
      Email: admissions@cis-beijing.com

      The Children's House International Montessori Kindergarten

      Grades: Nursery through Kindergarten
      Tuition: ¥72,000 to ¥126,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      In operation since 1992, the Children's House International Montessori Kindergarten has expanded to four branches located in most of Beijing's most populous expatriate communidites, including Lido and Shunyi. Children's House serves infants from birth (hosting regular baby groups) up to children of age 6, and follows a Montessori education withinstruction in English (also available: bilingual English, and Chinese).

      Address: Unit S114, Lufthansa Center Tower, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District
      Telephone: +86 10 6505 3869
      Website: http://www.montessoribeijing.com/
      Email: info@montessoribeijing.com

      Children's International Bilingual Academy (CIBA)

      Grades: Nursery through Kindergarten
      Tuition: ¥49,500 to ¥72,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      Formerly known as the Children's Learning Center of Beijing (CLCB), the CIBA is located in the Gahood Villas, right in the middle of Shunyi. In operations since 2002, CIBA follows an integrated bilingual curriculum (half the day in English, half in Chinese), flexible enrollment options, and classes that teach young students everything from science to cooking to creative art. It even offers weekly ballet and kung fu lessons at no extra cost.

      Address: #3052 & 3056, Gahood Villa, Shunyi District, Beijing 101300
      Telephone: +86 10 8046 7082
      Website: http://www.clcbkids.com/
      Email: administration@clcbkids.com

      Daystar Academy

      Grades: Nursery (18 months) through Grade 6 (Year 7)
      Tuition: ¥57,000 to ¥101,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      Daystar Academy provides a kindergarten through elementary school education that places emphasis on teaching its students to be fully fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Featuring both Chinese Nationalinstruction, with a focus on memorization, mathematics, and Chinese culture, and English Montessori instruction, with its focus on social skills, curiosity, and Western culture, Daystar combines the strengths of both educations in the teaching of its students.

      Address: No.2 Shunbai Road, Chaoyang District
      Telephone: +86 10 6433 7366
      Website: http://www.daystarchina.cn/
      Email: admissions@daystarchina.cn

      Dulwich College Beijing (DCB)

      Grades: Pre-Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥29,800 to ¥219,200
      Language(s): English
      The Beijing branch of the southeast London school founded in 1619, Dulwich College has its main campus in Shunyi and secondary Riviera campus located a stone's throw away. Dulwich features mandatory Mandarin Chinese as a second-language classes until at least Year 9, with the language optional after that, and includes a strong focus on personal development as well as academic rigor and success.

      Address: 89 Capital Airport Road, Shunyi District, Beijing 101300 (Legend Garden Campus)
      Telephone: +86 10 6454 9000
      Website: http://www.dulwich-beijing.cn/
      Email: admissions@dulwich-beijing.cn

      Eduwings Kindergarten

      Grades: Nursery through Kindergarten
      Tuition: ¥58,000 to ¥80,000
      Language(s): English, Chinese, and German
      Beginning life as two separate kindergartens that merged to become one, Eduwings is the fusion of the German Der Kindergarten and the English/Chinese Jin Yi Kindergarten. The curriculum is a mix of German, Chinese, and American influences, and the school is split into two departments: German, and English/Chinese, with further splits dividing up groups by age (under 2 years; 2 to 3 years; 3 to 4 years; and 5 to 6 years). Climbing, swimming, saunas, music, art, an outdoor play area, and a Montessori area are some of the other offerings of Eduwings.

      Address: Clubhouse of Merlin Champagne, Shunyi District 100312
      Telephone: +86 10 6450 8384
      Website: http://www.eduwingskids.com/
      Email: mariaseemel.eduwings@googlemail.com

      Etonkids International Kindergarten

      Grades: Pre-Nursery through Kindergarten
      Tuition: not listed
      Language(s): English
      Etonkids is a Montessori kindergarten for children ages 1.5 to 6 years, with a number of branches throughout Beijing and other cities in China. Its main international school branches are in Lido and the Central Business District (CBD). Etonkids is not connected with Eton College, the British boys' independent school.
      The word on Etonkids is somewhat mixed, with some sources reporting it's a solid choice in schooling, and some sources with complaints. Most of what you'll hear however is "Check the school and check the teacher" - each Beijing branch being somewhat different, and each teacher teaching differently, some hewing closely to the Montessori program, some not so close.

      Address: Room C103 Lido Country Club, Lido Place, Jichang Road, Chaoyang (Lido Campus)
      Telephone: +86 10 6436 7368
      Website: http://www.etonkids.com/
      Email: info@etonkids.com

      The Family Learning House (TFLH)

      Grades: Nursery through Kindergarten
      Tuition: ¥56,000 to ¥86,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      Located in Guomao's Jianwai SOHO, TFLH is aimed squarely at "character education," taking a virtues-based approach to curriculum design. Founder Karyn Robarts opened the doors at TFLH in 2002 as a school designed to train children to possess the skills and qualities that would enable them to make a positive impact in the world. TFLH follows a Montessori curriculum, and offers instruction in both English and Chinese.

      Address: Jianwai SOHO West Zone (in front of Bld. 14), 39 Dong Sanhuan Zhonglu
      Telephone: +86 10 5869 7540
      Website: http://www.thefamilylearninghouse.com/
      Email: administrator@thefamilylearninghouse.com

      Harrow International School Beijing (HISB)

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥119,800 to ¥231,700
      Language(s): English
      The Beijing branch of the northwest London school founded in 1572 and responsible for producing everyone from statesmen like Winston Churchill to poets like Lord Byron,Harrow has three branches in Beijing: in north Chaoyang; in Shunyi; and in north Tongzhou, near the Beijing Capital Airport.
      Harrow follows an English curriculum focused on leadership, teamwork, and creativity, and makes after-school activities mandatory on weekdays (including music, drama, sport, and more).

      Address: No. 5, 4th Block, Anzhenxili, Chao Yang District, Beijing 100029 (Upper School Campus)
      Telephone: +86 10 6444 8900
      Website: http://www.harrowbeijing.cn/
      Email: enquiries@harrowbeijing.cn

      House of Knowledge International Kindergarten (HoK)

      Grades: Nursery through Kindergarten
      Tuition: ¥28,620 to ¥136,168
      Language(s): English, Chinese, and German
      HoK is a multilingual kindergarten for children ages 20 month to 6 years, offering instruction in English, German, and Chinese, with two branches in Chaoyang and Shunyi. Emphasis is placed on collaboration skills and critical thinking, with the curriculum derived from Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Confuscian philosophies. Teachers only speak their own native languages in the classroom, and all are trained in emergency medical response. After school activities include art classes, ballet, hip-hop, kung fu, yoga, and tai chi.

      Address: 15, Victoria Gardens, Chaoyang Park West Rd. 100025 (Chaoyang Campus)
      Telephone: +86 10 6538 2624
      Website: http://www.house-of-knowledge.net/
      Email: vg@house-of-knowledge.net

      International Academy of Beijing (IAB)

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥105,000 to ¥181,000
      Language(s): English
      A Christian international school following an American curriculum and serving the expatriate community IAB houses its kindergarten through grade 5 students in its Lido campus, and grade 6 through grade 12 students in its Ya Ao campus in north central Beijing. IAB is home to 270 students from 15 different countries, and offers advanced placement classes on campus, and its own ESL program for non-native English speakers.

      Address: Lido Office Tower 3, Lido Place, 6 Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang (Elementary School Campus)
      Telephone: +86 10 6430 1600
      Website: http://www.iabchina.net/
      Email: admission@iabchina.net

      The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB)

      Grades: Pre-Nursery through Grade 6 (Year 7)
      Tuition: ¥41,000 to ¥163,000
      Language(s): English
      Beijing's only fully-registered Montessori school, MSB was founded in 1990 and features dry and wet art studios, an auditorium, a library, a music studio, an indoor swimming pool, a sports hall and facilities, and an on-campus clinic, as well as ensuite bathrooms in each classroom. MSB offers a dual-langauge program that steers students toward fluency in both English and Chinese.

      Address: Building No. 8, A No. 2, Xiang Jiang Bei Lu, Chaoyang District 100103
      Telephone: +86 10 6432 8228
      Website: http://www.msb.edu.cn/
      Email: schooloffice@msb.edu.cn

      International School of Beijing (ISB)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥85,310 to ¥219,960
      Language(s): English
      The International School of Beijing was originally formed as a fusion in 1980 of the U.S., U.K., Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand embassy schools into just one school: ISB. The school has moved from the U.S. embassy in Sanlitun, to Lido in 1988, to its current 33-acre home in Shunyi District in 2002, and is home now to almost 1900 students from over 50 different countries. ISB follows a standards-based curriculum, and offers a number of classes in non-core subjects like visual arts, information technology, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

      Address: No. 10, An Hua Street, Shunyi District, Beijing 101318
      Telephone: +86 10 8149 2345
      Website: http://www.isb.bj.edu.cn/
      Email: info@isb.bj.edu.cn

      Ivy Academy

      Grades: Nursery through Kindergarten
      Tuition: ¥50,000 to ¥140,000
      Language(s): English
      Created in collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Education Researchers, Ivy Academy incorporates Harvard Professor Dr. Howard Gardener's Multiple Intelligences Theory into its curriculum with the aim of providing its students a developmentally appropriate early childhood experience. The seven domains targeted by the school for development are: (1) Personal and social development; (2) Language and literacy; (3) Mathematical thinking; (4) Scientific thinking; (5) Social studies; (6) The Arts; and (7) Physical development. 20% of students are from North America, 44% from Europe, and 25% from Asia.

      Address: C-101, East Lake Villas, No. 35 Dongzhimenwai Main Street, Dongcheng District
      Telephone: +86 10 8451-1380/1
      Website: http://www.ivyschools.com/
      Email: info-el@ivyschools.com

      Ivy Bilingual School (IBS)

      Grades: Nursery through Kindergarten
      Tuition: ¥50,000 to ¥70,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      With two locations in Chaoyang (close to the Ivy Academy) and Shunyi, IBS offers a Multiple Intelligences Theory-based curriculum, though with the added spin of dual instruction in both English and Chinese, and getting students familiar with Chinese culture. IBS's student body composition is 29% North American, 21% European, 6% Australian/New Zealander, 42% Asian, and 2% African.

      Address: Building E, Ocean Express, No. 2 East Third Ring North Road (Chaoyang Campus)
      Telephone: +86 10 8446 7287/6 (Chaoyang), +86 10 8439 7080 (Shunyi)
      Website: http://www.ivyschools.com/
      Email: info-oe@ivyschools.com

      Mammolina Children's Home

      Grades: Nursery through Kindergarten
      Tuition: ¥115,000 to ¥160,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      Mammolina Children's Home is a Montessori kindergarten that features bilingual English and Chinese education for children ages 1 to 7 at its facilities in Shunyi. Focus is on self-directed learning and the ability to self-correct conducted at a natural pace. Academic foci include language, mathematics, culture, art, aesthetics, creativity, and imagination.

      Address: Liyuan Xiaoqu A36, Xiangjiang Beilu, Chaoyang District
      Telephone: +86 10 8470 5128
      Website: http://www.montessori.ws/
      Email: mch@www.montessori.ws

      St. Paul American School Beijing (SPAS)

      Grades: Grade 7 (Year 8) through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: $16,500 to $17,500
      Language(s): English SPAS is a branch of the Nacel International School System, in operation for over 50 years and featuring branches in the U.S., Poland, Korea, and France. The school follows an American curriculum taught in English, with supplementary courses in Chinese language, culture, and history. SPAS is a boarding school, and features a library, gym, multi-purpose outdoor court, Olympic-sized swimming pool, and other facilities.

      Address: Qinghe Campus of The Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, #18 Guan'ao Yuan, Qinghe, Haidian District
      Telephone: +86 10 8070 3429
      Website: http://www.stpaulschool.com.cn/
      Email: spas.admission@gmail.com

      Western Academy of Beijing (WAB)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥94,000 to ¥233,000
      Language(s): English
      One of the most technologically sophisticated schools in Beijing, WAB features campus-wide wireless Internet and laptops for every student kindergarten and higher, and boasts an International Baccalaureate program from nursery through grade 12. WAB is accredited by both the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the European Council of International Schools (ECIS).

      Address: 10 Laiguangying East Road, Chaoyang, Beijing 100102
      Telephone: +86 10 5986 5588
      Website: http://www.wab.edu/
      Email: wabinfo@wab.edu

      Yew Chung International School Beijing (YCIS)

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥67,000 to ¥227,000
      Language(s): English and Chinese
      Yew Chung Beijing opened its doors in 1995, serving the families of Beijing-based expatriates, and has offered a bilingual learning environment, teaching students in both Chinese and English, ever since. The curriculum is British-based,and the student body is made up of over 750 students from more than 40 different countries.

      Address: Honglingjin Park, 5 Houbalizhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025
      Telephone: +86 10 8585 1878
      Website: http://www.ycis-bj.com/
      Email: enquiry@bj.ycef.com

      Chinese Language Schools

      Beijing has a number of Chinese schools that offer international programs and accept international students. These schools are generally the less expensive options for instruction in Beijing, but typically require your child to read, write, and speak Mandarin Chinese.

      Asia-Pacific Experimental School of Normal University

      Grades: Grade 1 (Year 2) through Grade 9 (Year 10)
      Tuition: ¥20,000 to ¥33,000
      Language(s): Chinese
      Primarily a boarding school, located north of central Beijing, in Changping District, the Experimental School of Normal University is home to 200 staff 1,600 students, with approximately 80 foreign students from 10 countries. Meals served are Chinese, and classes top out at 35 students to a class.

      Address: Dong San Qi, Changping District
      Telephone: +86 10 5109 4556
      Website: http://www.yataischool.net/
      Email: bnuyatai@126.com

      Beijing No. 55 Middle School & High School

      Grades: Grade 7 (Year 8) through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥38,000 to ¥44,000
      Language(s): Chinese and English
      Beijing No. 55 was one of the first Chinese schools to begin admitting expatriate students. Its middle school is taught exclusively in Chinese, though a one-semester intensive Chinese-language course is availalbe for non-speakers, while the high school classes are taught in either English or Chinese (depending on the student's preference and whether he or she is preparing for the Chinese college entrance exam or to attend a foreign university). Expatriate students are housed in a separate building from Chinese students, and interact with the Chinese students only infrequently. The school is located in Dongzhimen, close to downtown.

      Address: 12 Xinzhong Jie, Dongcheng District
      Telephone: +86 10 6416 9531
      Website: http://www.bj55iss.cn/default.asp?pg=main&lng=en
      Email: none listed

      Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School (BSRPS)

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥29,000 to ¥107,220
      Language(s): Chinese and English
      Located in outside the sixth ring in Tongzhou, a suburb to the east of downtown Beijing, Shuren-Ribet is a small boarding school of over 400 students that offers kindergarten through middle school following a Chinese national program taught in Chinese, and an American high school curriculum taught in English. Shuren features a number of Chinese and foreign instructors, most residing on campus, and hosts students from 13 different countries and instructors from 7. Meals served are typically Chinese, though a convenience store with Western snacks and meal choices is also present on campus.

      Address: Songzhuang Xiaopu South # 1, Tongzhou District, Beijing 101118
      Telephone: +86 10 8085 6318
      Website: http://www.shurenribet.org/
      Email: inquiry@shurenribet.org

      Fangcaodi Primary School (FCD)

      Grades: Grade 1 (Year 2) through Grade 6 (Year 7)
      Tuition: ¥36,000 to ¥58,000
      Language(s): Chinese
      Fangcaodi conducts instruction in Chinese only, the only courses taught in English being those which teach English as a second language. It has a small international studetn program that is difficult to gain entry into, and typically requires a number of official documents and the payment of a red envelope "donation" (bribe) to the administrator. Facilities here are better than many Chinese schools, and tuition is more affordable than almost any other international school in Beijing.
      The school has marginalized English further recently, so you'll want to be certain that any students attending here have a relatively good grasp of written and spoken Chinese. Because it is difficult to get in touch with school administrators, it's advised to visit the school and push and pester until you are offered a chance to apply. Students are primarily Chinese-descent expatriates from overseas who read and speak Chinese.

      Address: 1 Ritan North Road, Chaoyang, Beijing
      Telephone: +86 10 8563 5120 ext. 2005
      Website: http://www.fcd.com.cn/
      Email: none listed

      The High School Affiliated to Renmin University (RDFZ)

      Grades: Grade 7 (Year 8) through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: About ¥60,000
      Language(s): Chinese
      Considered one of the best high schools in Beijing, the High School Affiliated to Renmin University, known colloquially as Renda Fuzhong (RDFZ), currently hosts approximately 200 foreign students (mainly Korean) in its 4,000-member student body. Intensive Chinese classes are offered forforeign students at a cost of roughly ¥25,000 per year. Graduates from RDFZ commonly go onto the top three universities in Beijing, as well as to top foreign univerisites, including Harvard, Yale, and Tokyo University.

      Address: No.37 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100080
      Telephone: +86 10 6251 1505
      Website: http://www.rdfz.cn/
      Email: webmaster@rdfz.cn

      Other Language Schools

      In addition to its English and Chinese international schools, Beijing is also home to a select group of international schools with instruction occuring in other mother tonuges, including French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Swedish.

      Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking (DSP)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: €7,750 to €10,400
      Language(s): German
      Abbreviated DSP, Beijing's international school for German speakers features a full education from pre-school through high school graduation following German educational standardswith instruction in German. English is taught starting in Year 1, Chinese is offered from Year 1, and French is taught beginning in Year 7 (grade 6). DSP has 530 students enrolled in its main school, and 140 students in its pre-school and kindergarten.

      Address: 49a Liangmaquiao Lu, Chaoyang District
      Telephone: +86 10 6532 2535
      Website: http://www.dspeking.net.cn/
      Email: info.dsp@dspeking.net.cn

      Hen Shin'nyugaku - Japanese School of Beijing (JSB)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 8 (Year 9)
      Tuition: ¥15,600 plus ¥4,000 admission (¥8,000 on first admission)
      Language(s): Japanese
      A Japanese-only school in Chaoyang District with 640 students, instruction at JSB is in Japanese only. Students must be Japanese passport holders to attend, and must have with family members holding a Chinese work or resident visa. Activities include swimming, music, art, embroidery, kanji, and skating, and students make regular trips to cultural spots, including the Beijing Zoo and the Great Wall.

      Address: 6 West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
      Telephone: +86 10 6436 3250
      Website: http://www.jsb.org.cn/
      Email: mail@jsb.org.cn

      Korean International School in Beijing (KISB)

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: ¥18,000 to ¥30,400
      Language(s): Korean, English, and Chinese
      A school catering to Korean expatriates. Classes are taught in Korean, with English-language immersion classes taught by native English-speakers, and Chinese-speakers teaching Chinese-language classes. Tuition is relatively inexpensive compared with other Beijing schools, although KISB does require the payment of a one-time ¥18,000 entrance fee on first admittance.

      Address: No.37 Wanjing Beilu, Chaoyang District
      Telephone: +86 10 5134 8588
      Website: http://kisb.net/
      Email: bej_school@mest.go.kr

      Lycée Français International de Pékin (LFIP)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 12 (Year 13)
      Tuition: €5,580 to €11,430
      Language(s): French
      A French school instructing students from ages 2 to 18, LFIP has three locations, all close by: its kindergarten, primary school, and high school. Instruction is in French, following the curriculum set by the French Ministry of Education. Non-French-speaking children are admitted into LFIP's kindergarten and primary school. A full suite of after school extracurricular activities are available.

      Address: Beisanhuan Donglu, Shequ Xueyuan, Chaoyang 100029 (High School)
      Telephone: +86 10 6444 1136 (High School)
      Website: http://www.lfip.net.cn/
      Email: secretariatd@lfip.net.cn

      Russian Children's Education Center (RCEC)

      Grades: Kindergarten through Grade 1 (Year 2)
      Tuition: ¥4,000/month to ¥5,800/month
      Language(s): Russian Including the Smeshariki Beijing Kindergarten and a newly added first grade - with plans for later grades as the school evolves into a proper Beijing-based Russian international school - RCEC offers children instruction in Russian language and culture, as well as some English and Chinese.

      Address: 101, 1/F, Bldg 2, Qiumadu, 2 Shangjialou Road, Chaoyang District
      Telephone: +86 10 8436 1864
      Website: http://www.smeshariki.cn.com/
      Email: zr@smeshariki.cn.com

      Swedish School Beijing (SSB)

      Grades: Nursery through Grade 6 (Year 7)
      Tuition: ¥50,000 to ¥130,000
      Language(s): Swedish
      A school in Shunyi's Gahood Villas offering instruction in Swedish to students and following the Swedish National Curriculum. Being a Swedish national or being fluent in Swedish is not a requirement of attending; however, at least one member of the family (parent or child) must be fluent in a Scandinavian language: Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, or Danish.

      Address: Xi Bai Xin Zhuang, Hou Sha Yu Zhen, Shunyi District
      Telephone: +86 10 6456 0826
      Website: http://www.swedishschool.org.cn/
      Email: info@ssbchina.com

      Teremok Russian Kindergarten

      Grades: Kindergarten
      Tuition: ¥3,600+/month
      Language(s): Russian
      Located close to Workers' Stadium and the Russian Embassy, Teremok is a Russian kindergarten founded in 2008 with the aim of giving children a place to be immersed in Russian culture, dress, activities, and language. Teremok is a trilingual school, offering education in Russian, English, and Chinese, and features science, math, art, and frequent field trips. Children attending Teremok are taught to work cooperatively.

      Address: Building 29, Xingfu'ercun, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District
      Telephone: +86 10 6415 0507
      Website: http://www.teremok.com.cn/
      Email: teremokbeijing@mail.ru

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      Thanks for that info. How long is the waiting list usually for one of the schools? Could I afford to send my son to it and other costs on an English teaching salary? Also do you think I would be best choosing a job close to a school thanks

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      Quote Originally Posted by Katya View Post
      Thanks for that info. How long is the waiting list usually for one of the schools? Could I afford to send my son to it and other costs on an English teaching salary? Also do you think I would be best choosing a job close to a school thanks
      Hi Katya, I really don't have the answers sorry. I have heard the waiting lists can be from 4-6 months but for which schools I don't know. I suppose as well it would depend on what Yr your child was going in to. As for wages for English teachers in International schools they are on between 6,000-16,000 RMB per month.
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