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      Japan Expats 5min Survey - Please Help!

      Dear Expats!

      I am an undergraduate student of University of Strathclyde, UK. I am currently conducting a survey for my dissertation and really need your help.

      The research is about an expatriates' life in Japan and the challenges they may face. It should only take you about five minutes to complete this survey and Id appreciate your help! Please click on the link below:

      An Expatriates' Experience in Japan - Survey (Sheena Lee)

      Please note that all the information gathered in this survey is confidential and will only be used for academic purpose.

      Thank you!

      Best wishes,
      Sheena Lee

      Please feel free to contact me about any queries or opinions.
      School: University of Strathclyde
      Course: BA International Business with Management
      Supervisor: George Vlachos
      Student: Sheena Lee

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      As this is for educational purposes and there is a valid email address associating it to the University of Strathclyde, I'm letting it run.

      I hope that you'll get some responses.
      Make sure you have a look on other forums for expats too, there are plenty out there that may have more japan based expats.