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    Thread: Living in China

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      Living in China

      Dear friends,
      Are you traveling to China and learning Chinese
      Are you interested in Chinese culture and arts?
      Then there is a great opportunity to strengthen your Chinese language ability and to be more familiar with China
      My friend has an experience of receiving foreigners in her house. Itís amazing to live with a person whose background culture is absolutely different, and thatís why sheíd like to take in more foreigners. To live with a Chinese local family is definitely a best way learn Chinese language and culture, while as a host one can enjoy life with guests from other fascinating cultures
      Her flat has 2 bedrooms and 2 dining hall with furniture, refrigerator, shower, air-conditioner etc. Itís on the 18th floor and you can take elevator
      You can get more information on http://www.homestayglobal.com/Default.html. And you can contact with me by the email address: michelle8876@live.cn

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      nice to meet you. don't know how long you live in china. if you are interesting in chinese culture and language , i think i am glad to help you. because i come from china ,and i am interesting in british culture and language.

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      Thank Michelle for your information. I am now in shanghai as a traveller. I will be here for few weeks so i opt to homestay. www.Homestayglobal.com arranged the homestay for me . I think this was a good idea taken by me because homeowner helped me about the chinese translation and culture .If you are travelling in china this would be best idea for you.
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      Hi Michelle! This might be slightly off-topic (my apologies if that's the case), but since you said you were interested in cultures I thought I'd ask. I'll possibly soon be travelling to Honk Kong for business reasons, and I was wondering if you could advise me on some typical Chinese bahaviours/ habits in business settings I should expect. I've never been to China, therefore I thought I should seek first hand information about cultural issues. I know my question is very general, but as I'm not very familiar with the topic, I don't know what I should focus on. Your help will be very much appreciated. Tony.