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      moving to the maldives, advice please!!!


      I'm going to be moving to the maldives for 6 months shortly. Ive never done anything like it before and just need some advice about the maldives and generally living in another country. Can anyone help??

      Thnak you

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      i holidayed there a few years ago and its the best place ive ever been so naturally im well jealous. Will you be living on one of the resort islands?Dont know as i can give you too much usefull info, just enjoy your time there. Take plenty of reading material as these islands are tiny and not masses of things to do, The capital is Male and a very muslim place so make sure to cover up a bit when there. There are a few mosques to visit on Male but other than that it doesn't have to much going for it.There were a lot of people begging who were minus several limbs, it was quite a shock the contrast from Male to the resort islands.
      Have to say The Maldives have the best sand, beaches and crystal clear waters i have ever seen and the snorkelling is out of this world.
      Hope you have a wonderful 6 months there.