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      As we don't have a Singapore topic yet, thought I'd add one, and I've just uploaded some pics to the gallery too. I lived and worked there for a few years, left in Dec 2007 so these pics are a few years old.

      A lot of people think Singapore is a bit too clean and antiseptic - not my view at all. You have to scratch the surface a little bit. I saw someone describe Singapore as "an Asian city with a thin Western veneer" and I think that's a good description.

      A good place to work and, in my opinion, a good place for a holiday. Lots to see and do and, if you get out of the centre (most tourists don't), you'll find it quite surprising. Oh and fabulous food.

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      I've been with work for a few days.. didn't get to see much but did get to have a singapore sling in raffles!

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      Mmm that must've cost you an arm and a leg in Raffles, Tim. Quite like Singapore Slings but not so good for the waistline.