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    Thread: Thailand

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      oh dear, I see what you mean. Oh well, probably time to get a beer out of the fridge and do some internet research on places to retire.

      And in another couple of months, we'll be cursing too when the south west monsoon kicks in and we'll have days and days of rain (hot rain admittedly) :( Do you get that one in Vietnam Doz or just the north east monsoon?

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      In south nam where i am, rainy season is May to November but i know it varies the further up north you go.
      Rainy season is a right pain, no warning just wush! and down it comes, hardly time to get your rain mac on before you are soaked to the skin and then when it stops its as humid as hell....frizzy hair days here we come!

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      Sounds like you get the South West monsoon then I guess. We're the same - about mid April to November. In theory we are not supposed to get the North East monsoon but you do get it a bit (don't tell anyone, will you).

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      Found this little feller enjoying the drips off my washing yesterday LOL. I love lizards.
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      Moving to Phuket

      Hi there everyone
      Im planning my big move to Phuket in August and struggling to find some work. Can anyone point me in the right direction as most websites seem to be a deadend. I work as a personal assistant to a sales & marketing director in the hospitality industry.
      Layagarden I see you have a company there, dont spose you need an assistant/receptionist/front of house?
      Any advise would be fantastic.
      Thank you

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      There is a world recession going on. Working expats in Asia (and elsewhere) are being kicked out in their droves. Getting a job anywhere is difficult at the moment. I think you will find it difficult. And what kind of visa would you be travelling on into Thailand? Do you have a valid work visa? Thailand has tightened up its visa rules considerably recently.

      You can take a look at Phuket Gazette online, PhuketWan, and Thaivisa forum. Just do a google to find the links online. Oh the Thaivisa website also has considerable up to date info re all the possible visas.

      Best of luck.

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      Hello Doz...............noticed your last posting was in April from Vietnam and mentioned you thought you would be moving to Thailand? Just wondered, since it's been a while and I heared this morning a monsoon has hit vietnam! Any news?

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      Hi Christine,
      Not been missing quite as long as April, i was on here posting a couple of weeks ago. Dont get so much time right now, busy with work.

      Its actually a typhoon we have here right now. Where i live in Vung Tau its not too bad just high winds and choppy sea and a little rain. It seems to be around Danag they have been hit hardest, everyone ok as far as i know but lets just say nobody is off out in the boats right now!!!

      I'll report back if any news comes up

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      Typhoon - 'Peens - Vietnam - Thailand

      That's great you're OK Doz. I just sent you an email before I saw this posting.

      Anyone interested, the route of the typhoon, now downgraded to tropical storm, can be seen here.

      Tropical Storm Risk

      Not as strong as it was in the 'Peens, but tropical storms can still pack a big punch and I think there's about to be a big load of rain in Central Thailand. They're giving out flashflood warnings on a Thai forum.

      Down in southern Thailand, we won't be seeing it, but it's been bloody raining for what seems like months down here anyway

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      Michelle Stevenson
      I live and work in Thailand, Bangkok. I teach English. I came from the UK, England. Huge culture shock, but going with the flow. Great experience.


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