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      Working in Hong Kong

      Working in Hong Kong is a unique experience. Hong Kong contains one of the largest skilled expat populations in the world. There is an abundance of expat career opportunities in Hong Kong for overseas job hunters in most industries from multinational corporations to start-ups. There are plenty of jobs in Hong Kong for English speakers, and Chinese language experts alike.

      But what are the practicalities of job-hunting and working in Hong Kong? Are there any conventions you need to know, which may differ to home? Are there any restrictions affecting foreigners? Read on for some tips to help get your job search underway.
      Finding work in Hong Kong- prior to making the move

      The Hong Kong government is still encouraging the influx of foreign skilled workers

      Make sure to have your resume in optimal condition. This can be the difference between yes and no during the first round of screening. If youíre unsure, it may be worth getting your CV professionally

      No matter what youíre working background is, it is wise to carry out some research within Hong Kong before moving. Itíll help you scope out the job market, see which companies exist here and what any potential interest may be for expats.
      Make use of personal contacts Ė as with many other expat/ Eastern hubs, knowing the right people in Hong Kong is of utmost importance; itís a networking hotspot where Ďwho you knowí really counts. Plenty of people get jobs on referrals, from friends, family or friends of friends that are working in Hong Kong. No matter how tenuous the link, tap into anyone you know already working in Hong Kong and see if they can help. Or ask if they know anyone who can.
      Although itís wise to scope the market out as early as possible, donít be disheartened if you have no feedback. A lot of companies wonít take you seriously until youíve landed and are a Hong Kong resident full-time. Itís good to make yourself known though.

      Once youíve moved to Hong Kong
      For a comprehensive list of jobs available for expats in Hong Kong, visit Gateway Global Careers.

      Now you can really start getting proactive in looking for a job in Hong Kong.
      Register with as many relevant recruitment agencies as possible Ė thereís an abundance of them here with big international firms like Michael Page and Robert Walters. Chances are youíll need to have an internal interview with the agency so they can ascertain what it is youíre looking for.
      Go direct Ė make contact with any companies youíre interested in. Seek out people working there, whether itís via Linkedin, Twitter or personal contacts. Message them and ask about available opportunities.
      The job application process

      A lot of jobs in Hong Kong are advertised for English and Chinese speakers only. Itís not worth applying for these roles unless you have extensive knowledge of the language. Where this isnít mentioned itís safe to assume that they are jobs for english speakers.
      State your position clearly Ė explain that youíre an expat, newly relocated but highlight experience overseas, this is often welcomed. Make clear as well what sort of pass youíre on, whether ití s a dependent pass, long term or short term visit pass. Potential employers will want to know this so itís worth putting in your application.
      Job interviews Ė the process in Hong Kong is much like anywhere else in the world. Shortlist Ė interview Ė second interview (occasionally third) Ė job offer.
      The job offer

      Unlike most other countries, expat salaries are offered in monthly amounts, rather than annual. Because of tax differences itíll be difficult to compare back to salaries in your home country but itís safe to say the tax is favourable Some companies offer salary estimates for various industries but take the information with a pinch of salt, itís hard to know who is getting paid what unless you know what peers are earning or someone here has told you what the average is for you age/experience/relevant industry. If you get the chance ask a recruitment consultant, theyíll be able to give some steer on this.

      The Employment Visa

      Once youíve accepted this will be conditional, based on the successful issue of an visa. This can take anything from a few days to a couple of weeks to come though so you may need to sit tight for a start date.

      A growing need for expat workers in Hong Kong

      Earlier in 2012 the Hong Kong Government highlighted a skilled employee shortfall of 14,000 by 2018 and has committed itself to increasing incentives for foreign skilled workers to move to and work in Hong Kong.
      Finally, donít expect overnight success. Job-hunting anywhere in the world is hard work and can consume your days. Expect to search for at least three months. Donít be too choosy about what you apply for, send of for as much as possible and see what comes back.
      If youíre doing everything mentioned above then itís matter of time. Good luck!

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      Working in Hong Kong... easy but expensive for an expat. Unless you live in Kowloon it is extremely expensive to rent in Central H.K. I lived there for 3 years and almost half of my income went in to my living expenses.