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      Andy Chapman
      And i too had a beef curry tonight and i must admit it wasn't my best.
      I usually do a big batch and freeze it down maybe up to 6 or 7 portions.

      Not quite sure what went wrong with this latest batch.

      Not a great lover of beef, i like the white meats and will
      go back to chicken or pork curry's the next time.

      Will have to put my recipe on here when i can fish it out.

      I think the best curry i have ever had was a chinese one
      and i usually end up getting one for the lady friend as
      well every Thursday before we play cards.

      No-one makes a curry like the chinese do.
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      Pork curry went down well last night( even though i made it myself) lol
      Have to say im not really into beef that much and the beef here is not so good.
      I did hear yesterday of a new butcher that has just opened up, owned and ran by a guy from oz selling all oz imported meat.
      How is the beef there Sheena, is it good?

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      Andy Chapman



      Chicken breast fillets- cut into bite size pieces 500 grammes

      2 medium potatoes- cut into wedges

      Frozen peas- 250 grammes

      Olive/sun flower/vegetable oil- enough to cover bottom of sauce pan

      Warm water- 4 tea cups

      Curry powder(Somerfields/Morrisons/Co-op) Mild/Medium/Hot according to taste- 2 Table spoons

      Tomato Puree -- 50 grammes(1/4 tube)

      Ginger- either ground or fresh- 1/2 Tea spoon

      Salt - 1 Table spoon or less acccording to taste

      Onion- 1 finely chopped( I grate mine in the cheese grater)

      Optional---- chillies green/red chopped. (IN VIEW OF THE SUDAN 1 SCARE;PLEASE DO NOT USE CHILLIE POWDER)

      THIS IS HOW :

      1. Heat the oil in a medium sized sauce pan, and put in the chopped onions(if you are using chillies, now is the time to put them in the pan).Brown the onions, and stir in the tomato puree.Reduce the heat to medium and stir in the curry powder and ginger, taking care it does not burn and stick to the bottom of the pan.To avoid this SLOWLY add half a cup of the warm water.When the mixture starts to form a paste, add the salt, and stir in 1 1/2 cups of water. Leave on medium heat for 5 minutes while the paste reduces to a thickish sauce.

      2. Put the chicken pieces in the curry sauce and stir so that they absorb the sauce.Bring the mixture to the boil and immediately lower it to medium/low heat so that it simmers(remember, a boiled curry is a spoiled curry).Let simmer for 20 minutes so that the chicken is partially cooked. Now put in the potatoes and stir again, adding enough water to cover the potatoes.Once again let it simmer for a further 20 minutes, when the potatoes should be nearly cooked.Finally add the frozen peas and simmer for a further 10 minutes.Before turning off the heat, ensure every thing is fully cooked.


      1. Boiled rice; 1 cup of rice for 2 persons,2 cups of water.Bring to boil, simmer for 20 minutes, or until all the water has evoperated.

      2. Pitta bread. 2 pieces per person. Spread fat thinly on pitta bread and microwave for 30 seconds.

      3. Fresh green salad. Chopped tomatoes,cucumber,raw onions,lettuce and beet root, with salad dressing of your choice.

      4. Assorted pickles.

      5. Natural yogurt, with sliced cucumber or onions.

      5.)a Pappodams - ready to eat variety.

      6. Contrary to popular belief, curry is not best enjoyed with/after 16 pints of lager. Ice cold water is the best accompaniment. A single glass of light beer is also
      acceptable, as is a glass of chilled white wine.


      ENJOY !!!!!

      ps : obviously it is not always possible to eat the entire amount of curry in one go; especially if you are on you own.The best was to store it is, to let the sauce pan cool to room temperature and store in the fridge. Spoon out the required amount in a microwave proof dish and microwave for 2-3 minutes on full heat.This way the curry can last in the fridge for up to 5 days.

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      Andy - I am dying for a good curry where I live here in Western Australia - the local curry houses just can't make them. They are truely awful.

      I might just prin theis recipe off and give it a go.


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      I like your recipe Andy, i always put peas and potatoes in mine.
      Curry tastes much better when it has been made a few days, you get a much better flavour from it.

      Sheena, how did the new sauce turn out?

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      Liz H


      Haven't tried potatoes, in mine. Have added chopped celery, in place of some of the onion, though I love onions, they no longer reciprocate, and I do add some more fresh chopped garlic, and turmeric and once in a while some thyme.
      I also us grape seed oil
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      Doz,how long have you been in Vietnam?and why Vietnam if you don't mind me asking?

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      Hi JPS, dont mind you asking at all. We have been here about 6 weeks now.
      Lee (OH) took a job in KL so off we trotted, spent a few wonderful months there, then the company needed him in Vietnam so off we went again, first to Hanoi and then down here to HCMC.

      I wouldn't have picked here by choice and if im totally honest im not overly fond of it here but im working on it!!

      I think its likely in about 6 months we will be on the move again. Im grateful for the chance to experience different places and it will all help us decide where we do and dont want to put down roots. I know it wont be Vietnam but Malaysia is fantastic, i loved it there.

      One thing is for sure though, leaving the UK was the best thing we ever did,we had been umming and arring about it for years. Now having finally took the plunge i wish we had done it earlier.

      I will never go back to the UK other than for short family visits.

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      Never say never:no:
      I always said that.but ended up back in the Uk 3times :eek:
      Then swiftly left 3 times.
      Have not been to your neck of the woods but love travel.
      Would like to buy a camper van and discover more of Spain whilst I am here,but,like my creature comforts now, so the hotel's or similar beckon.
      When I was younger,not that I am old now if you know what I mean,I did a safari on foot for 3 days,nerve wrecking,hard work,great,but wouldn't choose to do it again.
      You must get the humidity there?
      It's a killer yes?

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      Oh yes, full on humidity here, its a killer for sure.
      I adore Spain, id move there without a shadow of doubt.
      A nice little cortijo in the alpujarrus(sp)? hills somewhere would do me nicely. We have talked of getting a camper van in the past too. There are so many beautiful parts of Spain i have yet to visit.


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