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      Salary expectations - Qatar

      Hello all

      I have an interview at Qatar Airways next week, they have asked me to come with salary expectations in mind...so I was hoping to get some guidance from you all.

      The package is by and large made up of basic salary + housing allowance + transportation allowance.

      The interview is for a role in their Corporate Planning department - I actually don't know futher details the role as I believe it is for a new area that is being set up.

      I have 6 years of airline experience in the UK (Engineering, Ops and Commercial Strategy)and first class hons degree in Engineering.

      Basic Salary:
      Any ideas on the kind of premium I could expect when compared to a UK salary? (equivelant role in the UK i'm guessing is c. 45K GBP gross). I understand there is no employment tax - are there any other taxes to pay?

      Housing Allowance:
      What levels could I expect for a 1 bed furnished appartment in a decent area (any recommendations on areas to stay - ideally not to far from the Qatar Airways HQ)? What is the current approx rental rates?

      Transportation allowance:
      How much could I expect?

      What is 'the norm' for pensions, medical cover etc? (covered by company?)

      Many thanks for your help.


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      Hi Vishal and welcome to the forum.

      Lots of questions there... who wants to throw some answers Vishals way?