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      stephen bale

      Seeking contacts in or around Abu Dhabi

      Hi all,
      I am looking to relocate to Abu Dhabi in July this year as my wife has undertaken a position with Veti / Abu Dhabi,
      I am seeking to build a contact base in the area and would be very happy to hear from any persons currently residing in Abu Dhabi who may be able to offer advice on employment positions for myself or any information on the area in general.
      I have a CV ready for email and am seeking a position within a large company or organization in the fields of sales, admin, marketing or service coordination.
      All information would be greatfully recieved and I would especially like to here from persons who have a good social network in the area
      Kind regards stephen Bale

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      Maybe someone can help me as well since we are talking about Abu Dhabi. I have the opportunity to go there and I was trying to find some Abu Dhabi property on the web but that's all I could come up with. So if anyone could be so kind and shed some light on this topic for me, I would be more than thankful.
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      Hi I have just left Abu Dhabi after 7 and a half years and thought I would tell you about the website www.abudhabiwoman.com it can tell you everything you need to know about life there even if you are not a woman.Go back and read through as many posts as possible and you will feel you know everything about AD.Good luck.