super deluxe Apartments for Rent In Riyadh(Al Ghadir) Located in Alghadir one of Riyadh's bes tnew areas(7 years ) Ideally located between the North ring road, King Abdulaziz road( Exit 5) and Olaya street for ease of access. The building is located off the main street in Al Ghadir 36m (Al Sail Alkabeer street).The building is far from Olaya street about 60 m. Most services ,are in Al Sail Alkabeer street, like: grocery shops, hairdressers, coffee, menral Pharmacies , dispensary laundry. Near the building ( from the side of King Abdulaziz road (Exit 5) are banks, restaurants, Karfour supermarket ,world of Saco , kingdoom hospital and kingdoom schools. Location map The building has 7 aparments .It's entrance is wide and decorated .It's escalators are top Rosa marble. Every rented has the main gate's key. PS: This property is available for rent to families only. The features The apartment has been loving restored to its original condition and benefits from original bright Italian porcelain (like marble) floors and wooden doors and beautiful, highly decorated ,.The paints of the walls are anti-bicteria and highly decorated . The lights of the reception room, living room, and master bedroom beautiful Spain chandeliers, besids spot lights. The porcelain of bathrooms is Italain high quality (1 m = 40$) the walls and floors have been decorated( the price of decoration porclain is 80$ for 1 m).The bath Washbasins and the toilets are American Standard ,bathrooms mixers are grohee ( made in German) 3big bedrooms apartment .Size: About 200 m It has:1.Entrance. 1.Big reception room( 4.5by 5.5m .) 1.Big Family (living) room(( 4.5by 5.5 m .)- 3 big bedrooms( 1 bedrooms 4by 5 m , 1 bedroom 4.15 by 4.15, master bedroom 20 mwith banorama window 4by 1.55m +bathroom) total 3 bathrooms. 1.Large kitchen, nicely fitted (German cabinets + Italian sink ,English mixer +Rosa marble ) (size: 4.20by 3 M,) can be used as dining room also.6 Split units Important note : every thing is new; paints ,lights, kitchen, chandeliers, porcelain , bath Washbasins , toilets ,mixers and the sink. Rent : one year SR 58000 2 bedrooms apartment Size : About 130 m It has:1.Entrance.1Big reception room( 4.5by 5.5m .) 1Big Family (living) room(( 4.5by 5.5 m .)- 2 bedrooms( 1 big master bedrooms 5.5by 5. 5 m , 1kids bedroom 3 by 3m. 2 bathrooms. 1.Large kitchen. It is opend on the living room, nicely fitted (cabinets + big sink , mixer +Rosa marble +fixed Rosa marble table between the kitchen and the living room ,tow levels size 40 by 170, 50 by 170sm: Can be used as dining room. 1.Big roaf . 4 split units(L.G .gold). Important note: every thing is new; paints ,lights, , chandeliers, porcelain , bath Washbasins , toilets and mixers Rent : one year SR 46000 Contact ( 0569480728)