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      Your thoughts on expat life please!

      Hello everyone

      I'm hoping you can help me with some research I'm doing into the expat market in the Middle East, particularly the UAE, Saudi, Qatar and Jordan, especially in the current economic climate.

      I was wondering if this is something any of the members here would be able to help me with?

      I have a couple of questions really:
      1. What is it like for expats where you live in the Middle East now, and how has the work climate changed for you over the past year or so?
      2. What attracted you to work in the Middle East?
      3. What drives expats to leave when the time comes to move on from where you're living now and the Middle East in general?

      What would be the best way to get in touch - by phone, email or PM?

      I look forward to hearing from you

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      Andy Chapman
      Hi Natalie, sorry can't help with any of your questions but maybe you could tell us a little about you in the Introduce Yourself Thread.




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      Hi Natalie,

      Yes there has been major changes over the last 7 months, I think everyone is hanging onto their job with treads. I dont work here but my hsband does ( in construction ) the credit crunch has hit this sector badly, nearly all large projects have been cancelled or put on long term hold. Huby was working on the trump towers, palm jumierah, it was closed down in March.

      I do believe expats work abroad for the tax free purposes, and its a much nicer life here, even thou its expensive to live here.

      THe one good thing about Dubai I think, its safer to live here than the UK, they have strict rules, and god help anyone that breaks them, off to prison you go!!!!!!

      I have heard of expats that have lived here for years, I think they leave due to losing their jobs, so being pushed out due to this factor.

      The only problem that is serious here is the roads, its full of very bad drivers.