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      22, fed up with life here in the UK

      Im a 22 year old male, ive got decent GCSE's, and alevels.I went straight into work instead of going to Uni. Ive worked in a supermarket part time now for coming on 5 years and also have a fulltime job in a satellite tv installation company. Im part of the resource management team and my role is stock controller. I am responsible for the maintaining of around 150 engineers stock and their pda's etc in Northern Ireland and also the South of Ireland. I am also at select times in charge of about 4-5 storemen. I have a forklift license and am frequently liaising with engineers on a regular basis.

      I am not 100% happy with life here to be honest and would love a complete change but perhaps doing the same style and type of work..

      Id be interested in living and working in America and wonder how i could go about it, how to get started, what i would need etc, anyone, any ideas/advice??

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      If you were actually born in Ireland, then you do have the opportunity to apply for the Diversity visa program. That'd possibly be your best chance of getting out here to live, unless you have an american citizen parent, or the company you work for has locations out here?

      Visa Home and look for the link to the diversity visa. Its the US State dept's offical site.

      Also you can check out www.uscis.gov
      The official website for the US immigration service.

      There's plenty of information and input on immigration to the USA in the brits in america section on this site, so have a look through it. Lots of people ask the question you just did.

      I'll be happy to give any advice that I can on the occassions I'm able to.

      Good luck.

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      I am in the same dilemma.. I just came back from NY after spending 2 months out there and i really like the whole vibe of the country. I am a british citizen and would like to be able to move out there for a while, get a job etc.. if anyone could give me some advice on what to do that would be great.

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      Sorry but there's not enough information from you regarding your personal circumstances and goals, to enable anyone to advise you.

      Read through the previous entries on this thread, there's plenty of information on how to get into the US.

      If you want to do it with the least hassle, marry a USC.

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      Hey Mark

      i know exactly how you feel!!

      i think you should do something like Camp America first to see if you really would like America long term. I worked on a summer camp in Michigan which was brilliant, and there are camps everywhere in the US (even sweet states like New York and Calif) so check it out before you fully commit to moving to the states.

      good luck x