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      Advice needed: Looking to move to the USA

      Hi everyone, im new here but have been reading around however i would like to ask for some advice.....
      Basically i am 24 i run my own online business which means i can work from anywhere and because of this i am looking to move to the USA after spending 3 months there last year.

      Because i have my own online business what is the best option for me to be able to live in the USA? i would not need a job there as i already have one and i am not related to anybody in the USA.

      I am looking to move there later this year if possible however i really do not know if it is possible due to the visas etc.

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      Hi and welcome!

      From your post there is nothing standing out that would get you a visa. There are several ways to get a visa, these are the main ones -
      Family - via marriage or immediate relative (parent, child, sibling)
      Employment - transfer with an international company or sponsored by a company if they cannot get an US citizen to fill it
      Investment - Buy or set up a company, employ lots of Americans and prove that the company is beneficial to the US economy. Or invest a minimum of $500K into certain US companies in high unemployment etc areas.