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      Any Help Appreciated

      Hello all!!

      I'm 37 years old and love working with animals. Sadly due to the size of the UK, finding work and training to move up from Dog Walker status is near impossible. I have been looking at the USA and found numerous jobs on ample websites requesting people for employment. There is so much more opportunity out there to really work and learn at the same time.

      I have looked at visa's and the old option to go work in another country for experience has since gone out the window since the start of the year. Due to the state of society and the world today, countries are closing down there borders partially and what would have been possible a few years ago is nowthe complete opposite.

      As it stands I would like to work and train over there and see how I go. If I love it I would want to stay longer but of course if not then I would come back to blighty or move elsewhere. I have no family or commintments but finding the visa option near impossible unless you work for an english company over there. Even charity work is proving to be a me hitting brick wall status.

      I don't want to become an American citizen as I wish to remain english. I suppose if I did manage to get something there long term I would request residency but still keep my nationality.

      So my question is does anyone know where I would start. Do you know of any uk animal charities that operate in the USA...(LOOKING FOR CANINE CHARITIES)? Any help appriciated...

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      Hiya sorry i can't help with USA but if you change your mind about countrys i am sure you would find work near the Australian Quarantine centres if you qualified for a visa.
      Cal x

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      Well tbh....it's either the USA or Australia. I earmarked the first thinking it would be easier to get into but it seems to be the other way around.. Thanks for you help anyway..

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      You may want to try looking into an M-1 visa, that would allow you take a vocational study here in the US. It would have to be a USCIS approved school, and they would tell you at the time if they accept foreign students from overseas. It wouldn't allow you to work, but you may be able to apply for a work authorization afterwards. The M-1 comes with a lot of restrictions so do your research and see if it's for you.
      Trying to get residency or a visa to allow you to stay here is your main concern, and that won't be an easy road, you have to have the visa to allow you to even stay here to study.
      As far as not wanting to be a US citizen, don't worry about that, nobody forces you to become one (in fact plenty of immigrants that live here permanently, never do) you would have to be approved for a green card first, and citizenship takes a few years of having that status before you would even be eligible to apply. It's not something they give you, or make you do.

      Check out www.uscis.gov for more information.

      Good luck with it all and keep posting here to see if anyone else will be able to give you some help.

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      Ok, here is another mix to the pot and I'm curious if it counts as I'm having problems finding anything out. My grandfather was one of the famous american GI's that swept my grandmother of her feet and resulted in my father, who was born during the end of WW2.

      So obviously he was american though I do not know why they didn't move back to the states with him being skeletons in lots of cupboards and such things are never spoken about. So just curious if this would help out on the visa option.

      I know say with relation to my stepfather being he is dual national with an English and Irish passport. We also know say if he had legally adopted us (my sister and I) that we too could apply for the other passport. So I'm just curious if this would apply with the USA being that i'm a grandchild of an american citizen. Sadly I have never met him and he could be somewhat six feet under by now.... Just curous anyhow...

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      Hey if your dad was registered as an American citizen, or is one, then yes, your chances of a US passport and freedom to live here definately changes for the better.
      You'll need to look into the details of your Dad, and what went on as far as him being registered as US Citizen, or the son of a USC.
      Get the answers to the relevant questions on uscis, and you'll stand more chance of getting the answer and info you need to pursue it.

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      If you are mad on animals why don't you get into dog grooming? They are mad for that in the US

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      That would be fine if they were already here, but I don't see that getting them LPR, realistically.