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      Any help on eligibility to live in usa

      Hello. I have been persuaded after quite a few years to live in the USA. We went out to Florida again for a holiday and spent some time driving around looking at various areas and found a few desirable areas. On our return we looked into visa's and discovered that it looks as though we won't be moving there afer all. Or is there a way? My husband has his own computer repair business but wishes to work for a company in Florida and I am due to qualify as a nurse in January. Does anyone know if we can get a visa or am I right in thinking we don't stand a chance. Any help from anyone greatly appreciated.

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      hi kaz

      you say u will become a nurse in jan, so why not try and get on the america
      nurse and medical site.s they could be wot ur looking for ?
      as for ur partner why not try at&t there one of the biggest computer firms in the states ?