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      Anyone lived in Santa Cruz?

      Hi y'all,
      I live in Oxford, UK and I think it's high time I used my dual nationality (born in Atlanta, 1971) to explore the states!
      I'm thinking of moving to and working in Santa Cruz. Why? Why not?
      Never been there but it sounds great!
      Have you?
      Got any tips for me?
      Thanks guys,

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      Andy Chapman
      Hello Tim & Welcome to our Forum.

      There are a few members from the states here so hopefully
      they will be along later to answer your questions.


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      Hi Tim,

      Santa Cruz is about 50 miles down the coast from me. We live just the other side of the Golden Gate bridge. Me and my husband both ride motorbikes so we ride down there a lot 'cos the roads are fantastic. Not really spent any time there 'cos home is so close but I've got a couple of friends here who grew up there or lived there for quite some time. They've moved away they say because of the drug problems that Santa Cruz has had but I think they're trying to re-generate the area so you might be timing it just right.

      Either way you're probably going to love the Pacific Coast!

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      From on TIm to another Tim - welcome to Brits Abroad! There's a few Brits in America on here.

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      Thanks folks,
      hey Traveller, I'm soo looking forward to cruising around Californian roads on a chopper! So Cruz had a drug problem? Probably just weed though huh! Big university there too so...:-)
      So what about further up the coast to Eureka? Anyone know it? What about Humboldt county generally?

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      The roads down by Santa Cruz aren't too bad but this area of California has some of the worst roads - they've run out of money to maintain them so make sure it's not a hardtail chop or you'll break your back!!

      Not been up to Eureka yet and don't know about Humboldt county. We're waiting til I'm mended and I've got another motorbike then we're gonna ride Highway 1 up to Oregon so hopefully we'll get a look in soon.

      The drug problems don't centre around weed although it's a slightly bizarre situation here. It's illegal to smoke indoors and if you go to a gig anywhere people will go outside to smoke a regular cigarette but happily light up a joint inside the gig and no-one bats an eyelid! It's nuts! :twitcy: