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      Smile anyone moved to texas or planning to?

      Hello all, i am new on here and I was hoping for soe advise from anyone to has made the leap across the pond!
      My family are waiting for our interview date at the Londaon Embassy (I have no odea how long this will take!!) and then are hoping ot move out to Texas. My father lives there and has lived in the US for 22 years, so he will be out sponsor.

      Has anyone moved there? What is it like for families / schools etc and honestly is the grass greener on the other side of the worls or should we just stay in good old what we know England!

      Any response would be really appreciated.
      Jules x

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      Hey Jules,

      Never actually been into Texas, so can't really help you on that part.
      Have you been to where you're going to be moving to in Texas many times before?

      Moving countries doesn't suit everyone, some love it and some don't settle down too well. Truth is, you're not going to know if it suits you until you try it.

      Hope it all goes smoothly for you, and just remember (a lot of people dont), that we may all speak the same language (of a kind) but it's still a foreign country here, and it's all totally different to live in, so you can expect that for a start.


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      Hi there - I jumped ship with my four children 7 years ago. Yes, it can be hard, but having the internet makes "homesickness" easier to manage (local news/webcams/emails etc). I cannot image my children getting the same opportunities they have had here being offered in the UK. There is so much land in Texas - vast open spaces - unknown in the UK (now the pop has reached 61 million.....gulp!) Your dad is here - fantastic. There are loads wrong with every country - but I find that (at the moment) the freedoms afforded here are second to none - also it is soooo much cheaper and I dont have to buy a TV license LOL!

      Go for it!

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      thanks for the reply. I have just come back form being in Texas. I went out there with my husband to check it out. It was a very positive trip, so now we are just waiting for our interview date!

      Jules x