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      pre school for 2 kids 3 mornings a week will run you $400 a month. Ages 2-5

      San Diego is lovely but have you looked at the property prices, they are very expensive.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tamarapig View Post
      ......Although I live in the States now I think that's what I find hardest about it - the complete LACK of people's social conscious. It's truly a place that's "all about number 1" and no-one gives a flying crap about anyone else.
      That hasn't been my experience at all.
      For the first 5 years I was caregiver to my in-laws. I got a lot of offers of help, one lady was a nurse with the volunteer fire dept, and used to sit with Mum-in-law while I went to the supermarket etc. The neighbours were great, except for one lady.
      Since then I've been to the worst natural disasters in the USA, worked among people who've lost their homes and everything they had.
      I've seen people give their time and their money in huge numbers.
      All those evacuees from Hurricane Katrina (in Houston and elsewhere) were fed by volunteers, who washed dishes and mopped floors 24 hours a day.
      People donated food, clothing, baby goods....doctors and nurses gave their time and set up field hospitals.
      I wouldn't like to tell those Americans they lacked a social conscience.

      While we were in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the locals were so kind, they made my son's holiday one he'll never forget.

      And am I the only one with great neighbours? We all watch out for each other. If we go away for a few days, we tell them and they'll keep an eye on the house and pick up the mail. I've known them feed pets, cut grass and visit in hospital.
      We lived in Barkingside Essex for 6 years, and never knew our neighbours.

      As for guns.....yes we keep a gun in the house. It's never been fired in anger and probably never will be, but at least we can defend ourselves if we have to. Some of our neighbours are ex-military and also have guns. Our neighbourhood has one of the lowest crime rates in Orange County.
      The only place we ever had a burglary was in England, it was a nasty experience.
      One of my daughter-in-law's colleagues in London, on his way home from work, was robbed and stabbed to death outside his house, found by his young wife.
      Quote from the London Standard:
      "Police fear "knife culture" is spreading in London with offences rising among both criminals and schoolchildren.
      Latest figures from the Metropolitan Police show that 361 incidents involving knives are recorded every week, up by 13 per cent on a year ago".

      America has it's problems, like every other nation.
      It isn't perfect, and I have many gripes about it.....but I wouldn't change the last 17 years.

      The USA is like 50 Countries, each one different, with it's own State Government and laws. (You can't buy beer in South Carolina on Sundays!)
      Spanning 4 time zones, many climates, varied landscapes, each with it's unique flora and fauna.
      If you don't happen to like the State you live in, there are 49 more to choose from.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Tamarapig View Post
      We've been in the STates for 3 yrs now and up to now have been using Lingo, so we can phone home anytime at a low price. They're crap though and we're having trouble with them lately. Anyone advice on another internet based phone service?? Phoning Britain is my LIFELINE...
      We have Vonage, it costs us $24.99 a month with unlimited free calls to USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. I think for new customers there is an extra charge for Europe, but it's still not a bad deal.
      I've heard some complaints about it but we think it's great, never had a problem. They have some good deals now:

      Vonage - VoIP Internet Phone Service for Home, Business and International Calling: Vonage - A Better Way to Phone for Less
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      Quote Originally Posted by Angel275 View Post
      I have just gained a BA Hons Degree in Humanities covering English/American/Irish Literature and 20th Century Historical Perspectives on Communism. Having coordinated projects in a paid position for over 8 years in the community sector with disadvantaged groups of people such as disabled people, victims of the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland, Young mothers and disadvantaged women. I have also experience of genealogical research while working for 2 years with organisations such as Irish Genealogy and Heritage World.
      Fáilte romhat,
      I'm Irish by birth, have kept my Irish name, and have the map of Ireland all over my face......I've found this to be a big advantage in the USA. There is of course a huge diaspora of Irish here, and you can find an Irish Community or Club in most States, it's great for networking.
      I'm a member (and past president) of the Irish American Cultural Society of Central Florida, which is strictly non-denominational and non-sectarian.
      I think you'll find that in most Irish Groups here.

      (BTW, I'll be back in Tipperary on holiday in a couple of weeks)

      As far as the US Government is concerned, they treat the whole 32 Counties of Ireland as one Country. Northern Irish are included in the Diversity Lottery, and in the Visas awarded for 2009 Irish applicants only got 132 of the 50,000 available.
      This looks promising for future applicants. Link here:

      Diversity Visa Program

      It sounds as if your degree, and your experience with the disadvantaged and disabled will be useful and in demand.

      I have a BA in Irish History, I also studied Genealogy, and worked for a while for Historic Families Inc.
      If I were you, I would regard your Genealogy experience as a useful sideline.
      I'm a member of a couple of Forums with lots of Americans looking for their Irish "Roots", which can be very annoying!

      Are you thinking of any particular State?
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