Hi my name is mark, im going for b2 visa appointment next week and looking for some advice. Im travelling over with my partner to vegas where we will drive up to lake tahoe and get married, our family is also coming with us.

Once we are married our family/friends will return to england and me and the wife lol will fly down to san diego and take a bus to campo to start the pacific crest trail hike. Im sure some on here know about this hike. Its something we have wanted to do for a while and this seems like the perfect time, it takes around 5 months so this is why we need the visa.

Now im 26 and she is 24, both employed, both been given the time of work and our jobs held for us till we get home. Niether of us have a criminal record, and we have been to america 4 or 5 times over the last 3 years on stays ranging from 4 nights to 5 weeks so never overstayed our welcome. No house as we are getting one when we return ( no point having a empty house for 6 months right ). What would you say the chances are of us getting a visa? and also would this be the best way to approach the desk next week. Any advice would be great.

Also the wedding, flights, hotels up until we start the hike are all booked and payed for.