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      Happy Bar work in USA


      I'm interested in relocating/travelling USA for a while and would like to stay over the 3 month period allowed by the VWP. I understand that if a job offer is in place then this can help to get a visa. My question is: if I was to travel there and then obtain for instance, bar work, would this be counted towards having a job in order to apply for a visa. Basically I want to go to USA and stay for an indefinate period (maybe 2 yrs), I'm willing to work any job, and just want to know legal ways of staying in the country by doing this (if there are any). Note: I have a degree in Computer Science and 3 yrs experienece in software development if this helps at all.

      Thanks for any info.


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      If you travel to the US and obtain ANY work while on a VWP, you'll be working illegally, but I'm guessing you already knew that.

      To answer your specific question, bar work or any casual work won't entitle you to any kind of "work related visa", so best to forget that idea. Think about it, if that was the case none of the illegals that work on lawn crews or in the fields picking fruit, would have to worry about being caught, or being exploited. ;)

      If you're serious about coming here and working, best to see what the options regarding work are in the field in which you already have experience.
      Check out www.uscis.gov for the legalities of coming to the US. There's a visa for just about every circumstance to visit the US.

      Good luck