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      british mechanic in america

      hey guys, im new to this forum! i know what im going to ask comes up almost.all of.the time and i have done alot.of.reasing.to try and answer my.own question but seem to get.mixed answers. well, im 26, fully.quallified mechanic in uk and have wanted to move.to usa for quite some.time. i cant seem to figure out.how exactly.i go about this tho. i have read i can apply for a working visa etc using.my skills and qualificTions which is what i would love to do but i have also read either i marry a us citizen or have a deploma is a skill likr a docor etc?? if anyone could shed some light, that would be so greT. thank you. jo

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      You are correct, in order to move you would need to be in a profession that qualifies as 'in shortage in the USA' or of a skilled level that would allow. The central americans ensure that mechanics are well stocked over here.