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      Buy a House in America and get a Free Visa

      We get asked this question a lot and I was also under the impression you could buy a house and get a visa, and it seems there are two different types of rumors being passed around the first one is investing $500k in to a business and creating ten jobs, please see the article below.

      There have been a number of articles recently which give the impression that if you buy a property in the USA that costs at least $500,000 you are eligible for the EB5 visa, which can provide you, your spouse and your children under 21 with the right to permanent residence in the USA. We have previously reported that this information is totally incorrect and the fact that it is was written by an international property company out of South Africa may indicate it has more to do with making commission from a property sale, than giving accurate information about relocating to the USA.
      This type of wholly inaccurate information makes us furious, particularly as the way it is written gives the impression the author is a knowledgeable source and should be listened to. Sadly some people may read the article, buy a property and only find out afterwards there is no truth in the story.
      The EB5 visa does require an investment of at least $500,000, but importantly it also requires the creation of ten jobs that fulfill criteria set out by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). In the vast majority of cases immigrants applying for the EB5 visa invest through entities called Regional Centers which have been authorized by USCIS to offer investment projects that qualify for the EB5 visa program.
      Last year there was discussion in the US political arena regarding the possibility of a visa that could allow entry into the USA on the basis of owning qualified property, however, the discussion has not translated into law and anyway the proposal was not for unrestricted permanent residence as allowed under the EB5 visa.
      There is an awful lot of inaccurate information out there on the EB5 visa and indeed the investment opportunities regarding the US property market, this information has more to do with individuals and companies enjoying large commissions than providing you with safe and accurate information and education on the EB5 visa program.

      and the other was buying a property and getting a free visa. As far as I am aware this was not passed but if anyone knows otherwise please let me know.
      Here is information on that one:

      A new bill has been proposed in the United States, which would give property buyers a free visa with every house purchased. The bill, which has been introduced to the US Senate this week, would let foreign investors live in the country if they spend $500,000 or more on American real estate. The scheme, suggested by New York and Utah Senators, is an inventive way to encourage immigration to the USA and invite new buyers into the property market.
      This homeowner visa would be valid for three years, although there are some restrictions. It would not include citizenship, voting rights or a work visa, and property buyers would have to complete their transaction in cash, without a mortgage. The home would also have to be occupied for 180 days of the year, although spouses and children would be allowed to live in the US as well, so buyers wouldn't have to relocate alone.
      The bill follows a similar existing programme, which gives foreigners fast access to a green card if they invest over $500k in a US business and create new jobs in the economy. America is optimistic that these immigration proposals can help drive up demand in the housing market.

      Foreign investors already account for about 10 per cent of the luxury US market. Indeed, residential sales to foreign investors and immigrants reached a total of $82 billion over the year to March 2011, according to the National Association of Realtors - an increase of $66 billion from the year before. With interest from foreign investors still on the up, drawn by the exchange rates and lower property prices, America's proposed visa giveaway could be an offer that property investors canít refuse.

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      Basically what I said in another post At least I haven't given out incorrect info LOL