hello everyone, just to clarify, i never expected to just walk into a job in florida, i understand fully the economic state and obviously there is only a small chance of finding employment. i dont for one minute believe i will get sponsored and live happily ever after! if it turns out that my visit to florida/key west/miami is only for a short period with no employment prospects then i will just enjoy my holiday and have a great well earned rest. i dont know about the world of I.T im sure it will be much harder for you to show your skill as its not a physical trade like mine, get your self over and network, look around meet people, americans are dead friendly! and on a final note can i just say how absolutely off putting, un-inspiring and stuffy the whole process is becomming, talk about pissing all over the chips! follow your dreams, yeah reality is essential and the facts are imperative but how did the bloody usa get going in the first place........on a dream.....the american dream!!!!!