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      Domestic travel with just passport

      I am currently out of status and my passport expired so I had it replaced but it has no visa or stamp from entry (passport is completely blank). I have to fly to the west coast and I am nervous to travel because of my status. Can anyone tell me if the security in an airport will question my status.

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      Being "out of status" is kind of more worrying than a blank passport.
      But no security won't question it at all, they're not CBP but just, security people checking that people flying are who they say they are. Using a passport for domestic flying is just another form of ID.
      If they think anything it'll just be that you're among the many thousands of immigrants that live here and have new passports.
      TBH, I actually only usually ever use my State Driving licence when I travel within the US and have never had any questions. If you're worried just use your drivers licence if you have one.