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      EB5 Advice and Recommendations

      Hi All

      I am currently looking into Investing into a EB5 Regional centre to gain a Greencard so that Myslef and family can live and work in the USA.

      My question is there anyone on here who has taken this route and if they could supply with imfomation on there experiences good and BAD so i know what to look out for.

      I am currently looking at American Life as my route of investment.

      Thanks in advance for your comments

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      Hi Sandhut, and welcome to Britsabroad. :)

      I know a couple of people that have taken the EB5 route.

      The problem is that UK visa applicants have little opportunity to verify all the information they are given in some of those "very convincing" brochures and documents. There are significant implications relating to key political considerations behind individual programmes, that may not become evident until the times comes for the conditions to be removed, and you do want your conditions to be removed! Something to be wary off is that although brochures and programmes focus on the positives, it's important to get an independent perspective of the negatives, because implications can have deep ramifications that aren't readily apparent. Don't expect the regional centres to verify points if you don't know what questions to ask them, because they won't.
      One of the criteria for the conditions to be removed after two years relates to job creation meeting the required criteria for the EB5. However good the return on investment may be, if a particular project fails to create the required number of jobs there is a real risk that the conditional visa could be revoked, and your greeencard would then fail to materialize. All things to take into account.
      Remember we're in an economic slump here at the moment too.

      Get plenty of legal advice and make sure you don't part with any money until you're sure that it's going to work out.

      For those wanting security and the flexibility to work, run a business or to retire in the US an the EB-5 has certain advantages over some other investor programs, but there are also plenty of things you need to be aware of.

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      Thanks for the info, I have carried out considerable research into the EB5 invetment programme and have even been to visit one of the regional centre in San Bernardino in California, which is run by CMB.

      what i am after is, if there is anyone here who have moved over to the US by ivesting with any of the regional centre especially American life, and if they could give me there experiences.

      Thanks all

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      Ok then, good luck with that.

      Just to clarify, you mean "American Life", as in the insurance company?

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      No Purple American Life Inc American Life Inc. - Home


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      Intesting. So they invest in real estate, in Washington State?

      There's a lot of things to consider re that right now. Especially given the general state of the US economy, the real estate market, the glut of condo's and homes that are unsold nationally, and the total uncertainty of realistic short term future growth, up there in the North West.

      Good luck with it.

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      Have you visited Am Life in Seattle or the active centers? What is there that is bad that would put you off? The pros and cons of EB5 are generally well known across forums so you need to ask, can you afford to lose your investment?

      You are right to visit regional centres like CMB or Am Life, but you need to ask hard questions about any centre to get an idea of whether it will be worth it for you. Ask for documentation where possible to prove what centers are saying.

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      I have asked hard questions, like term of investment back out plans how many I 829 have they processed, what has been the sucess rate of there projects, term of invesment. etc

      What i am looking for is anyone who has invested with AM Life and there experiences with there projects and service.

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      Quote Originally Posted by sandhut View Post

      I have asked hard questions, like term of investment back out plans how many I 829 have they processed, what has been the success rate of there projects, term of investment. etc

      What i am looking for is anyone who has invested with AM Life and there experiences with there projects and service.
      Its a bit like an investment fund - past performance is no guide to the future. What about construction costs projections, land purchase agreement evidence, regulatory licences, liability insurance, diversification of tenants.....these are very important too.

      If you are looking for previous investors, their project will bear no relation to yours and in a different economic climate too. If you want to learn about service then ask Am Life's UK manager, for some references. Not an issue I would have thought.

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      No not an issue asking Am Life uk manager I will be speaking to him soon, But as i mentioned before i have done a considerable amount of research on a number of EB5 regional centres and the projects that they have been and are involved with. I really didn't want to go through on this forum all the ivestigation i have crried out but before i speak to Am Life it would have been nice to speak to someone who may have some experience of investing with AM life..... Always good to get advice from these guys as you might agree a AM life manager may not give you the full story