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    Thread: Emigrating

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      Looking at Emigrating

      Hello All

      I am currently looking at moving over to the U.S next year which is the soonest i can as i am currently serving in the Royal Navy.Having been lucky enough to travel around and work in quite a few places i have decided the U.S is the place i can see myself.My preference is for Los Angeles/coastal California but have also considered New York , although i will consider anywhere to get a foot in the door so to speak.I am not overly fussy about work as a start untill i get on my feet anything that get's me going really.I have enough savings to make the move and worry about work later.Would appreciate any help or advice on living, where to look for work ,visa's, can you come across on a temp work visa? etc.
      Many Thanks in advance.
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      Welcome Gilly, sounds like you have put some good thought and research into your plans. Im in Vietnam so cant really help with your questions but someone will come along with some answers for you soon

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      Hi Guys

      Welcome to the forum. Being in Oz I can't really help too much, however have a look at this website as it might be a goodstarting point:- http://www.usembassy.org.uk/cons_new/visa/iv/index.html

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      Andy Chapman
      Hi and welcome.

      May be an idea to drop Traveller a PM
      as he's made the journey and can tell
      you more about moving to the USA.

      Goog Luck.


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      Quote Originally Posted by Andy Chapman View Post
      Hi and welcome.

      May be an idea to drop Traveller a PM
      as he's made the journey and can tell
      you more about moving to the USA.

      Goog Luck.


      Traveller is definitely female!!

      And I can definitely recommend the California coast but I wouldn't live in LA unless it was for the best job in the world because it's not a very nice place. As for temporary work visa - you have to have a sponsor and job offer to get any work visa so you might want to look at any contacts you can make now through your current work. They are big on taking ex-military people for government jobs and they are currently advertising I think around 3,000 jobs which, given the current climate, is pretty good going.

      It took us two years to get our visas so you might want to start thinking about applying for jobs sooner rather than later if you want to come over in the next couple of years.

      A couple of sites to look at -



      You say you have enough savings to move without working but I'm not sure what you're planning as far as a visa is concerned - you have to have a huge amount of money to get a visa without a job offer. If you come over on the Visa Waiver Program check the rules 'cos they've recently changed them and if you decide to work illegally and want to leave they will block you for at least two years from coming back into the US.

      I guess my advice would be to explore what links you can make through the Navy to get a job offer before you leave.

      Don't know if that answers any of your questions - feel free to ask 'cos if I can help I will!
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