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      Wink English Illustrator/Artist moving to America

      Hi all, I'm new to the forum's but hi!
      Anyway, I'm going to be studying Illustration at Uni in England but I've ALWAYS wanted to live in the States, New York City preferably, how hard would this be given that I want to live off being an Illustrator (I'd probably need another job aswell) Would it even be possible?

      Please help, thanks,
      Tyler :-)

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      Hi Tyler
      Just want to say hi and welcome to the forum. Are you thinking of going to USA after you complete your studies?

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      Hey Ktee,
      Yes, well as soon as it's possible really, but yeah after the 3 year course (its a BA Hons in Illustration)
      I'm pretty desperate to live in the States, I've been smitted by America for as long as I can remember, especially NYC.

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      Hi Tyler,

      Look into the J1 visa, it's probably your best bet straight from Uni, but it's not permanent. Do you have much experience? published work? That will make a huge difference and possibly open up the options of other work visas such as H1B or maybe even an O1. However for all these you will need a company to sponsor you, it's not cheap and there is a lot of work for the company to do so the chances can be extremely slim.

      My best advice to you would be to get lots of work experience, work published and finish your degree :) Check out what requirements Illustrator jobs require here too and make sure you far out-seed them, you will have to be better than any USC to even get the chance of a company being interested in you.

      I am assuming you have been to NYC on holiday, living there is very different to being on holiday. You will need to be earning A LOT to have a half decent lifestyle. A studio/1 bed apartment in Manhattan will set you back $2000+ a month and that's not even in a decent area. It makes London look cheap ;)