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    Thread: Exploring Options

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      Exploring Options

      Hello my name is Amanda and I live in the UK presently. I am 27 years of age and myself and Husband (32 years old) and exploring the option of moving to America (Florida).

      I currently work as a Rent Arrears Officer (Local Government) and have done this for approx 5 and a half years. I have 10 GCSE's and a GNVQ in Business Studies (Distinction grade) and one A-Level in Psychology.

      My husband is in the automotive/manufacturing industry and is a Quality Inspector and has 13 years experience. Again he also has GCSE's, BTEC National Diploma in I.T, Business and Finance. My husband also holds all of his refereeing badges for football here. He also works part - time as a steward for his passionate football club and has gained many qualifications such as NVQ's in health and safety, anger and agression etc etc.

      We have no children and have a good lifestyle, we have good incomes and a lovely home, but we have always played on the thought of emigrating abroad to Florida. We have been numerous times and love it!
      We are under no illusion that holidaying and working will be completely different but over the last three years have had a bad time here and feel that now is the time to explore our options.

      So like everyone else, I have done research and it seems so hard to get into America and really would appreciate some help about what to do next. The company Emigrate are holding a seminar/presentation in our local area in September. Have anyone attended these or are they just a waste of money? Thanks x

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      Andy Chapman
      Sorry i can't help you in your search to move to America bubbles but welcome to B-A & good luck at the seminar i hope they can help you with your questions and get some Answers that will get you into the USA.
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      The qualifications you have won't get you a visa to live here.
      The truth of the matter is that it's hard to get into the US.
      Never heard of the seminar or the company, and not sure how much it'll cost you, but don't believe any old hype that they might give you that if you pay them another 500 pounds you'll somehow easily qualify for a greencard, because it's unlikely.
      Let us know how it goes, I'm actually in Florida, so if you want any other info about the place, I'll give an honest response with no hype.

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      i know how you are feeling,
      Me my partner and 3 kids all age 6 are attending a emergrate seminar at the end off september, just want so much to move over to florida and live are dream why is it so hard,
      please let me know how you get on are seminar is in Liverpool, were are you going if its the same may see you there.
      Its so fustrating.