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      Federal Tax forms for the I-864

      Hi, I am a British citizen with an American wife who is about to goto final interview for a green card. However, we are struggling to understand how to complete the I-864 affidavit of support. Specifically, what documents does my wife need for federal tax returns. We live in the UK and my wife hasn't earned anywhere near the $90,000 thereshold for federal taxes, so hasn't filed for 3 years.
      Does she need to back file or will a written explanation with British tax recipts do? If we do have to back file, any suggests on which is the best way. We have done loads of reseach on this but keep coming to different conclusions. Any advice/ experiences would be appreciated.

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      As a USC no matter where 'you' live in the world it's your responsibility to file 'your' tax return every year. Your wife could possibly get away with filing for the last 3 years (from so I have heard). Try the IRS website for how to file. I have never done it as my husband has a friend who does ours for us. You shouldn't have to pay anything as the US and UK have some sort of agreement re tax, as long as your wife didn't live in the US for any of that time.

      All the best for your move :)