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      hey all

      wondering if anyone could give me a little advice!

      i've recently come across a gap year site, offering temporary/summer work placements in the states. there is a 'full service' option where the gap company can find you something (mainly shop/hotel/tourism-related work i would have thought) but apparently you only get your first 2 nights accommodation sorted for you, and this is actually the one thing that's stopping me clicking the 'apply now' button!

      the thought of getting to the states and not having a roof over my head feels me with absolute dread, and i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of how i can go about this? someone suggested i just book a lot(!) of nights in cheap hostel for the duration of the job?! i like the idea that the job placement is secured for you, as i'd be hopeless if left to my own devices, so would really like to go ahead with this programme, but it's just the accommodation situation that's freaking me out a little bit.

      if anyone's got any advice for a very frustrated brit, i'd be eternally greatful

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      ..grateful too

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      Hey Mudhoney,

      what's the site URL? If you let me know, or post the link I'll look and see what they're promising, and see how much they're going to take out of your bank account for the privelage of dealing with them.
      It may not be as simple as they make it sound, and no point in sending them a paypal for a hundred bucks for no advantage to you.

      You can private message the link to me if you want.


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      that's very kind of you purple, thankyou! the site is realgap.com and just click "paid work" and scroll down, there are 2 USA programmes - one self-arranged and one full service.

      i've found various programmes of a similar nature on other sites, and this is the kind of thing i'd like to go for. longer than a holiday, and enough to see the sights, make friends and get some work experience

      however, if anyone has any other ideas/suggestions, i'd be interested to hear them. i'm considering a uni course as well, though this will be a more expensive way of doing it. running out of ideas :dull: