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      Getting a job in SoCal

      Hi, I am in the end stages of obtaining a visa to live in the states (wife is American, kids are duel). We are moving to Orange County, SoCal and I need some advice about getting a job there.

      I currently work as a data analyst for the NHS, I have 8 years analytical experience along with a BA Hons in computing.

      Am I able to obtain a job before moving out, do companies need face to face interviews or can this be done through web conferencing? Would I have to wait until I move before being able to seriously look for work?

      Thanks, Chris

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      Hi Chris,

      You can apply for jobs before you enter the country, but cannot sign any paperwork until you have your work permit once in the country. It's up to a company whether or not they want you there in person for an interview or not, some are happy with phone conferences or Skype. My husband had all of his interviews over the phone and didn't see the people who he was working for until his first day at work, it was rather odd but it worked out.

      Good luck with the job hunting and make sure you do some research into how an American Resume is different from a UK CV ;)