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      H-1B in social care route

      Hello i am new to this site and am still reading through the posts, so apologise if i adk domething thats slready been covered.
      i would appreciate members advice and knowledge. I am married with 3 children, currently work as social work assistant, i have a BA on childhood studies and 10 years experience of early years; nursey manager, family support worker and early years lead.

      After researching the visa's I asumed my best chance to gain employment in USA would be to gain a sponsor in child welfare and apply for a H-1B does this sound feasible? I did look at the possibility of doind a masters in social work in the uk or over ther but this does not look like an option .
      My husband is a joiner by trade with 20yrs experience, as far as i understand this is not a skill sought after now which is why we thought my career would give us the best chance.

      Any advice would be appreciated

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      Hi and welcome,

      Hmmm that's a tough one, from what you have said I would say your chances of achieving a job with visa sponsorship is very slim. To get a work visa you need to have very specialised skills and the company has to prove that they could not get a USC to fill the job. You would definitely have a better chance with a masters degree, but nothing is guaranteed. The recession here has been worse than in the UK so jobs are thin and there are lots of unemployed USC's.