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      Thinking Help - Advice on moving Stateside...

      hi guys

      Firstly can i say hi to everyone- i am new to this site (and this is my first EVER internet forum post!!)


      I am hoping someone out there can help- i have done masses of research in books and online (particularly on this site) and need any advice you guys may have...

      I'm 26 and keen to move to the states. I have an undergrad degree (in International Politics and American Studies, where i specialised in American Electoral Behaviour), and a MSc in HR (where my speciality is in International Human Resources and Managing Change). I have over 4 years HR work experience gained in the pubic and private sectors, and am now a Senior HR Adviser. (My job incorporates the whole remit of in-house hr- case work, recruitment, employee relations etc)

      i need any assistance i can get- i hit a brick wall everytime i look into visas. clearly i need a visa and i understand that these are very difficult to come by but i wont give up!!

      does anyone have a good strategy for getting out there... i know working for a US firm with offices here and getting a transfer is an option but what if you cant get a transfer?!?! that would SUCK!! also i dont have an american boyfriend, $1,000,000 to invest or any of the othre 'golden tickets', so any realistic advice would be great

      thanks all in anticipation

      happy 2010s- my main resolution is to get to America this year so hope to see you there!!!

      Andrea x
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      Sounds like your in a similar boat to myself, i am currently looking to work out in america. I am in a totally different field of work but was just wondering if you had any news from anyone about working in America?

      Sorry i cannot help you out at all but i am looking for similar answers as yourself and would be good if you had any advice from elsewhere.