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    Thread: help in getting usa jobs...advise

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      sam and nick

      help in getting usa jobs...advise

      hi everyone, i have signed up to get everyones experiences and advice either on moving or are planning on moving to the USA. i have made the dession to move to the USA with my boyfriend and we have made the calls to the embassy to understands the steps we must take.... the tough part getting a job and a sponsor out in the US.Any tips? or websites for jobs or just anything that will help us? i guess the process takes a long time.

      would be great to hear back


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      Thinking Hi

      Hello Me,my partner and 3 kids are despratly wanting to move to Florida we are going to a emergrate seminar at the end of september and would love to hear how you are getting on with the whole visa process, what made you want to live there and what part of usa are you thinking of moving to? I have a feeling that its not easy to get a visa from what i have read, do you have any advice for me i would love to her more from you.My partner is a vehical mechanic,his mum is a American citizan but living in Britian he also has a aunt that lives in Manhatten dont know if this would help us.ThanksJacque

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      This post is not meant to dissuade anyone from pursuing any option, just a warning.

      There are many companies that try to imply that they can help 'oil the wheels' and get people into the US quickly. It just isn't the case and in most instances that simply take your money and provide little in return.

      If you do decide to pursue these opportunities see what response you get when you ask for a guarantee that your payment will result in acceptance here in the US. The fact is that all they can do is put you in contact with potential employers (who almost ALWAYS prefer local US employees) and help you fill out USCIS forms (which you can easily complete yourself).

      Like dieting, there is no quick fix to the problem REGARDLESS as to what they tell you.

      I hear companies are saying that there is a huge demand for mechanics, nurses, engineers etc. There isnt, there is no other way to say it. Unemployment here is rising and US citizens are struggling to find work, let alone 'aliens' as we are so fondly called.

      Either way, good luck. I hope you get wherever you want to be.


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      sam and nick

      moving to america

      Hey, thanks for the replys, it really helps just getting other peoples advice and thoughts. Myself and nick have seen these websites that say they can 'help' ect, but wernt convinced. Just waiting it out and doing things properly is defo the way forward. Its just a waiting game. Applying for jobs, but understandably its alot of work for employers to give jobs to us UK folk

      California/Newport Beach is where we are looking to go, so just going to have to keep trying. Im in the fitness industry and also studied dance/ choreography at uni, so i recon its not going to be easy to get anything in this area.


      sam and nick

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      sam and nick
      hey, with you having family over there you should have no problem at all moving. it was the first thing the embassy asked us... have you got family over in USA.so it sounds like you in a good position, you just need to get the boring long forms filled out.

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      Sorry but 'having family' is a broad term and the 'help' it provides wont be much if you plan to be in the US in the next 2-3 years.

      If you have a US citizen relative that is either a child, spouse or parent (for that last option only if you are under 21) then they can indeed bring you in fairly quickly (5 months). Otherwise it is MANY years.

      For example if you have a US parent and you are over 21 it is about 7 years. It is a further 2 years if you are married.

      For a US brother/sister it is 9 years.

      This should let you know what to expect. So, in short having US family will certainly 'help' if moving to the US in 5-10 years is your aim.

      Check out all processing times on the link below:


      Click on "Service Center Processing Times" to the right of the California Service Center box. Most Service Centers have similar processing times.

      There is this myth that having an aunt or uncle can help. As you can see, it doesn't.


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      sam and nick
      wow that is a long time. Not a fast track way like alot of people say then. are you from the US paul or have you moved there? if so how long did it take you and how long you been there for now? do you love itin the USA


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      I moved here a few years ago using an O-1 visa which in my case was work related. It only took a week to get the O-1 but most other visas are in the 3-9 month region depending on service center etc.

      I got married in '07, adjusted my status (AOS) in '07 and am now having conditions removed from my green card. This will result in the 10 year green card which I should have in about another 2-3 months.

      Yes, I do enjoy living here (south Florida, about 80 miles north of Miami) but will be moving west (probably to northern California) in the winter.

      Good luck with your plans


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      Looking at the posts, I'd have to agree with the last poster (Paul).

      The idea that having "family" living in the US is in some way going to get anyone a fast track Greencard, is a variable.
      Obviously there are companies out there that spout a lot of hype about being able to open the doors for you, but in reality they're making a profit out of people's ambitions.

      Latest figures show that unemployment is currently running at 9.5% in the US. The thought of many US companies hiring workers from overseas that they could hire from within the US is extremely unlikely, unless of course you're in a totally specialized field with some amazing credentials.

      As I've said before, check out www.uscis.gov, the official US immigration website.

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      My dream

      My dream is startng to fade!
      I will still persue want i want,if its not going to happen then hey i will look at going to Canada maybe i could visit Florida for my holidays.
      Its great to hear everyone.:wub:


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