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    Thread: help in getting usa jobs...advise

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      daveandjac, I honestly didn't want to put you off or make your dream fade. I was just trying to explain it is not as easy as some will have you believe. Even if you can make it happen it is usually a fairly long affair.

      Do some research on the USCIS site and try to determine what categories you might be eligible for. Then you need to do some legwork to see whether it is indeed possible.

      I wish you all the best. Good luck!

      Quote Originally Posted by daveandjac View Post
      My dream is startng to fade!
      I will still persue want i want,if its not going to happen then hey i will look at going to Canada maybe i could visit Florida for my holidays.
      Its great to hear everyone.:wub:

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      I know were you are coming from your advice is a great help,which i take on board completely.
      Its really hard when you want something so bad you just have to try and when its not going to be possible then i will have to look at maybe Canada?
      Just want somthing differant we could visit Florida for a holiday.
      Your advice is great when your head is full of questions.
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      You said your partners Mother was a US Citizen, is that by birth?

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      Hi again
      Yes she is a American citizan by birth,came to live in in England later on, would that help us?

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      It certainly will have done if she had registered your partner with the US consulate as a US citizen when he was born, because he'd still have dual nationality now. Did she do that?

      By the way, I private messaged you, so you might want to check that.

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      I dont think that she would have done that!Rubbish!!!

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      Im new to this how do i read this?

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      Hello I have clicked on private message, but it says there is none.

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      Quote Originally Posted by daveandjac View Post
      Hello I have clicked on private message, but it says there is none.
      Hi guys please use this link for private messages(you have to be logged in)



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      I have cliked on this link but it is telling me there is no messages?:radar:


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