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      HELP! Information please

      Hi everyone,

      hope all is well!

      i have visited the states the last 2 summers, last year i was in new england coaching soccer for 8weeks, then this year spent 5weeks travelling around new england.

      since the first time i came out to the states, i i fell in love with the place. i really want to move out there, but it seems very hard to make this happen.

      can anyone give me some information on how to make this happen?
      and even if you know of any coaching positions that i could maybe apply for?

      any information would be much appreciated as i really want to move to the states.

      many thanks, hope to hear from you soon.


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      Andy Chapman


      First of all let me welcome you to our Forum, it's always nice to introduce yourself first then it gives us some idea who we're replying to.

      Here's a start for you to search through and if thats not enough use the search bar above and troll through the Brits in America threads.


      http://www.usagc.org/index2.aspx?afk=Gglsrengim351eng&gclid=CNmpkKua2pY CFRNOagodp06j2w


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      Hiya Matt,

      Have you put the word out that you're looking for a sponsor with whoever you worked with in the States during those 8 weeks - even though they may not have a position they may have some useful connections?

      That's how it worked for us. Originally it was a company in Arizona that we were in contact with but they gave us a contact in California and my husband got offered a position the first time he met with them when we came on holiday.

      You may not end up where you expect but it'll get you over here to start with. Me, I'm glad we ended up in California and not Arizona!

      It's much easier to find a job through contacts here so it might be worth a try.