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      Post Help me find somewhere to live in California

      Basically my girlfriend lives in Calabasas, Ca and March Next Year, im going to go out and surprise her. I do plan to live in the states one day but at the moment its very difficult right now so i will only be staying for up to 90 days. So what i need is temporary furnished housing in or around Calabasas (e.g Woodland hills or hidden hills), preferably in Calabasas. I would like the rent to be up to $1000 a month, but am finding it difficult to find. I'v tried craigs list and no luck. I'm sure there is something like this available. Please help.

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      Andy Chapman

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      Hi Smithy & welcome to B-A.

      Have you tried this website, it's their local Forum.

      Calabasas Forum - Topix

      And Good Luck have a real good time.

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      Craigslist would have been my recommendation - had a look through and there are a couple but long term or way out of your price range. The next thing I would have said would be to look at extended stay hotels - it's what we used when we first moved here while we looked for a house. I don't think there's any actually in Calabasas so you might have to use the freeways in and out but that's normal over here. Again you'll need to shop around, especially if you're staying on your own - they don't usually have single rooms so you may have to pay for a double. Agai n your budget might be a problem.

      extended stay hotels + calabasas - Google Search

      One thing you might want to do is place your own ad on Craigslist - someone might let you lodge with them or offer a short term rental.

      There's also couch-surfing which again is normal over here.

      CouchSurfing - Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time

      You will need to have an address that you will be staying at when you fly as you'll need to fill in a visa waiver form with this address.

      Good luck with your trip!