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      Help with moving to the USA!

      Hey, I would like some advice and information on how i can move to the USA!

      Abit about myself:
      I am 18 and from Northern Ireland, I am currently looking into career options that i can follow after leaving school. I dont intend to go to university and would like to join the police.
      I Have an Uncle living and working in America, and also my fathers close cousin lives and works there. Im not sure if it matters but both would support me in moving and would help to financially support me.
      I have no idea what I need to be able to permantly live and work in America. I would like to know about things such as: Green cards and wether i need a visa first even if i intend to permantly live there.

      Also if anyone knows about the type of police training, requirements and would the intent to join the police help me in wanting to move there.

      And Other information anyone can give me would be appreciated

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      Andy Chapman
      Sorry can't help Chrissy but check out other threads about moving to the USA as there is more than likely links and good advice in the posts.

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      And Other information anyone can give me would be appreciated

      Your relatives are not close enough to sponsor you.

      You will not be able to emigrate to the US on the basis of police work skills -- generally, US police officers must be US citizens before they start work.

      Choose something technological or scientific in nature if you want to emigrate here on that basis. A master of=r doctorate is preferably.

      If you were born in NI, you are eligible for the diversity visa lottery. It's open now @ Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery. This is probably your best chance.