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      Idea help needed please...

      Hi there new to this so here goes...

      My partner and i are lookin to move to the usa... we have two children 16 and 9... Three dogs too..

      I own my own business here in the uk.. and have worked in the banking industry also for 5 years. my partner is a self employed tattooist. we have the funds to open a business for him and i was hopin to get a job in the financial sector. open to anything tho.

      Any help and advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated as we dont seem to be getting anywhere. i do not have a degree but i am educated. we have funds to look after ourselves amd buy a home cash etc... any advice would be goodd.

      Thanks in advance...

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      Sharon, i did the same thing almost 6 years ago. Best thing i ever did.

      I know alot about how to do this apart from the 'dogs' thing. I never brought any over.

      However, i would be happy to talk you through what i did and how. Its actually easier than you might think. For sure a long process though.